Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy Free Comic Book Day! Be sure to go to your local comic book store and pick up your free comic, and if you have time- dig through the back issues!!! This afternoon I will be going to the Evansville (Indiana) comic convention, so I am sure there will be some festivities going on there for FCBD.

I have never been to this convention, but I am guessing it is on the smaller side. I am sure there will be a plethora of superhero books, but I can only conjecture on how many romance comics dealers will bring. I am guessing not a lot, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised! I am not really looking for anything in particular, but on suggestion of my friend Jaz (who is very knowledgeable about comics) I will be keeping my eyes peeled for two books in particular, Falling in Love #99 and Young Romance #141.

I had never actually seen the cover to Falling in Love #99 before his suggestion, but it is most spectacular. It has a cover date of May 1968 and the cover pencils are by Ric Estrada. So, this is definitely one that I will keep my eyes peeled for today, however unlikely it may be.

Young Romance #141 (April/May 1966) and I have crossed paths multiple times, but I have never picked it up. Jaz said it was a good story, so it may be worth getting it. I will keep my eyes out for this one too!

I will be sure to report on any good romance finds when I return! Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

*Images from the Grand Comic Book Database -- Check it out!


  1. RIP Rick Estrada:

    That cover is marvelous; I'd be interested in hearing if the story actually concerned Palisades Amusement Park or if that was some sort of product placement for a regular DC advertiser. I actually went to Palisades Park right around that time on a class trip. My recollection was that it was fun but the amusement park in Rye, New York was better.

  2. Nobody did product placement back then, but DC Comics did run a regular paid ad for Palisades Park for years. I am not sure if there was any other amusement park as such in the area. Coney Island is a locale with separate attractions.

  3. Thank you so for this blog, and the time, (and style) that you're putting into it. I'd say "it's about time" someone gave a significant look back at the long and deep history of Romance Comics (a few good articles and books, by Michelle Nolan, amongst others are worth the look), but actually, you picked a perfect time. Style and substance, ma'am.

  4. RIP Ric Estrada indeed. He made such a beautiful contribution to romance comics. I will be sure to cover some of that work soon...

    I wasn't able to get my hands on Falling in Love #99 this weekend, but maybe I will find it in San Diego or Chicago. When I do, I will be sure to share the interior stories!

    Thanks, Wil .! Nolan's "Love on the Racks" is a really informative read, I highly suggest it! I actually have a review on the book coming out in June in the Journal of Popular Culture. I will share that too, after its published. For me it was really interesting because it went through the early history and roots of romance comics.