Thursday, June 25, 2009

Selling Romance - The Living Sea-Gem!

Just imagine...

You and your girl have been going steady for a couple of days. You have held hands and looked longingly into each others eyes. Finally, you decide to go in for the kiss. Just as your lips touch, you feel her necklace brush against you. As you finally pull away you are intrigued by the bulbous contraption. At first it looks like some sort of Christmas ornament on a chain, but as you look closer you see something floating in the necklace. Glitter perhaps? As you take a closer look you realize that the floating specks are not of the everyday variety. Then, to your surprise (and horror) you realize that your young lady friend is wearing brine shrimp around her neck!

Yes -- my romance loving friends, you've just crossed over into... The Sea-Monkey Zone!!!

Sexy and stylish, right? I know. Don't despair too much though. You can have your very own modern day Living Sea-Gem! Perfect for those young ladies who have everything!


  1. Heheh, that is really too funny for words. Of course a geek like me would be thrilled to see she was wearing sea monkey jewelry.

    I also love the 'aqua-leash' in the modern day Living Sea-Gem; can't transfer your sea monkeys without a leash.

  2. Haha, aqua-leash! I will never forget when my mom accidentally knocked over my sister's Sea Monkey aquarium when we were little. She had somehow kept them alive for like six months... we were all horrified!