Monday, July 13, 2009

Smashing Hip-Hugger Bellbottom Weight Loss Plan!

Many of the DC romance comics of the '70s had little one or two page features such as diet and beauty plans as well as horoscopes and other things one might find in teen magazines. This diet advice comes from Girls' Love Stories #163 (November 1971) and will help get rid of that "little roll of flab around your middle" in just five days!

It is easy to see why this diet would work - it is very low in calories and fat. I took the liberty of calculating the caloric and fat values for each day of the plan and here is what the two alternating days amount to...

Day One
-1,116 calories
-31 grams of fat
-good level of protein
-low in carbs

Day Two
-1,668 calories
-43 grams of fat
-good carb level
-lots of protein

I suppose it's not the worst diet plan in the world, especially considering it came out of a comic book! The plan for day one is below the recommended minimum caloric intake for most females though. I don't know if I could follow it for all five days, its a little boring and I am not sure if I am down with broiled liver! The lunch for the second day is also, um, a little scant. I would probably throw some nuts in there for more protein and flavor.

But, alas! Next time I bust out my hip-hugger bellbottoms and my snug knit tank top to wear to the county fair, I will be sure to follow this "hurry-up diet" in advance!!!


  1. I love this!

    I a tall guy (6 ft 3), so I'd probably faint halfway through day 2. I love how pre-bed snack is a 'raw' apple. It's good to be clear - you wouldn't want someone trying to broil an apple. Why would they allow ketchup on the liver. That's a dangerous mix of carbo-loaded sugar along with water retaining salt. I worry that women following this diet will simply gorge at the county fair.

  2. Isn't it crazy! I also don't think I could drink that much milk, but hey, good for the bones, right? Perhaps they said raw because they didn't want anyone to think a candied apple was part of the plan, haha!

    Good point on the gorging part. Those fair foods are hard to resist... elephant ears, cream puffs, cheese curds... yum! Sounds better than liver anyway. It probably would have been smart if they had included instructions for after the big date!