Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Year 1970

House Ad from Time for Love #15 (March 1970)
Nope, that blue blob isn't an outline of an upper Midwest state --
it's a locket chain!

During the first year of the 1970s, Charlton did indeed lead the "love parade" with eleven romance titles, compared with DC's eight titles (this includes a Super DC Giant) during the same year and Marvel's two. Below is a breakdown of all of the titles that were published in 1970 from comic book companies across the board.

  1. Career Girl Romances
  2. Hollywood Romances
  3. I Love You
  4. Just Married
  5. Love Diary
  6. Romantic Story
  7. Secret Romance
  8. Sweethearts
  9. Teen-Age Love
  10. Teen Confessions
  11. Time for Love

  1. Falling in Love
  2. Girls' Love Stories
  3. Girls' Romances
  4. Heart Throbs
  5. Secret Hearts
  6. Young Love
  7. Young Romance
  8. DC Super Giant (#S-17)

  1. My Love
  2. Our Love Story

It's pretty crazy to think that in the year 1970 only three companies were publishing romance comics, when just ten years earlier there had been eight companies publishing comics in the genre!


  1. And a decade later, just Charlton, I think. Has anyone here dared read an '80's Charlton romance comic? It seemed like the covers stayed psychedelic long after they should have. Perhaps they were re-used.


  2. Marshall,

    I have one of Charlton's Soap Opera Love from the '80s. I am hesitant to review it, since it falls outside of my scope -- but, since there is some interest, maybe I will one of these days! There are only three issues though, so I might wait and see if I can find the other two before doing so.

  3. I think Charlton only published 12 romance issues with 1980's cover dates. SOAP OPERA ROMANCES and SOAP OPERA LOVE appear to be all-reprint. That just leaves the last four-or-so issues of I LOVE YOU and SECRET ROMANCE, which I suspect were also reprints.

    Looking at your DC list, I could easily be wrong, but I believe it could also be expanded to include SUPER DC GIANT S-21 and DC 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #5, both 1971.


  4. Hey Marshall,

    Yes, Super DC Giant S-21 and the 100-Page Super Spectacular #5 could have been included, but I tried to keep my list to (a bit arbitrary) the year 1970, so that is why I did not add them. They are great books though -- I hope to someday get my hands on them!!!

  5. D'oh! Was I reading too fast and thought you were talking about the '70's in general? Oh, well, at least there's the (affordable) facsimile reprint of 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #5 to distract me from my embarrassment.


  6. I don't think I was very clear on that, sorry!!! I have the reprint myself, and I love it. I find myself looking at it frequently. Its a good investment!