Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jack Kirby's Many Hats

For a delightful post displaying the many hats drawn by Jack Kirby (and he sure drew a lot) check out Tuesday's post on Bully Says: Comic Oughta Be Fun! It is positively hilarious! I thought I would take a look through the romance comics I have with Kirby art, and what I found was a multitude of men's and women's hats. Kirby sure was generous when it came to depictions of hats in romance stories, but I found this one to be particularly intriguing!

Hat #5,002

This festive hat modeled by Anne in Love Romances #103 (January 1963), is sure to be the hit of the party with its capabilities of being used as a chip and salsa dispenser -- or bundt cake pan! That's right Anne, it will be over in a few minutes, as fellow party goers will be unable to resist your snack hat!


  1. Hi Jacque,

    I just wanted to send you email and realized I have... no idea what your email address is! Can you send it on to

    many thanks!


  2. Bundt Pan Hat! I love it! We'll take thirty of them for each and every branch of the store, including our airport outlet in LAX (Latverian Airport Xtraordinary)!

    (Thanks for the plug, and the excellent hat!)

  3. Most excellent, Bully! The order will be fulfilled! ;)