Thursday, August 27, 2009

Link Time!

When I was in San Diego last month, I met a ton of really great people who were fans of romance comics. One of those people was Michael D. Hamersky of the Comic Book Collectors Blog, a blog chock-full of reviews, news and other fun stuff. Michael picked up a copy of my booklet, and did a nice review of it. Read it here!

I am at a four day long work conference right now, but when I return I have an important introduction to make. His name is Marc. You may already be acquainted with his "advice," if you are a fan of DC's Young Love. That's all I will say for now, so stay tuned!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone, and if you have some time you should try your hand at Pat Curley's grab bag quiz at his blog -- Silver Age Comics. Make me proud, romance fans! :)


  1. Why have I never seen this blog before? It's dy-no-mite! Gonna add ya to my blog list, then come back and make up for lost time by reading all the far-out posts! Pax!

  2. Hey Groovy Agent!!! Welcome to Sequential Crush! I am glad you are diggin' it so far. As a fan of your blog, I am honored to have you here!