Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Survey Time - The Man I Want

We have to thank the young lady who didn't rip this survey page out from her issue of Young Romance #172 (June/July 1971) and send it in!

I can imagine a number of girls would have sent this in. DC was smart to involve their audience and make them feel like they had a stake in what they purchased and read. I would love to have seen the results!

I myself would have written in a contender based on the illustration -- the orange tie wearing type!


  1. How come there's a tickbox next to "Dark-haired or Light?" when you need to pick an option?!

  2. I wondered that myself! I guess once you picked your personality type you had to pick his look too!

  3. Given the illustrations, I read "Dark-Haired or Light" as black or white. Kind of like that DC survey from around the same time that asked readers what types of stories they would be interested in reading, and one of the options was "black people."

  4. I remember that survey, but I can't remember exactly what it was in. Do you? Maybe a few books? I think that is quite plausible and that was my first inclination. Interesting though that they were so outright in that other survey but didn't say so directly in this romance survey.

  5. Here's the survey, from 1970:

    I'd imagine it ran in a few books. I actually saw it for the first a few months ago reading an old DC comic, then saw it make the rounds on the Internet a few weeks ago.

    Maybe DC should have had full-body illustrations of those men rather than headshots, so readers could circle their favorite. I wonder if DC or Marvel ever planned an African American romance comic, or if that would have still been too far out there in the early '70s.

  6. Tough one. I enjoy some intelligent contention, but then again, I'm an airport kind of guy, so probably #4.

    I love that survey. "Black People."

  7. Jack Kirby did a magazine called "Soul Love" during the brief life of DC's b&w magazine imprint (which published his "Spirit World" and "In the Days of the Mob"), but it was never published (I either never knew or have forgotten why). Pages from it do show up from time to time in the "Jack Kirby Collector." So, yes such a thing was considered and even commissioned, but no, it was never published.

  8. The question is how did the poll turn out?

  9. Josh: Thanks for the link! I know I saw that survey in a book somewhere, but its good to have a link to it. In the early 70s there are quite a few romance stories with African-American characters. Probably not as many as their should have been, but I think DC and Marvel made an effort to some degree. Its a really interesting topic, and I will definitely be covering it soon!

    Q: Hey Quilligan! I did not know that about Kirby's "Soul Love." If you happen to remember why it wasn't published I would love to hear the reasons behind the decision!

    Sebastian: It sure is an interesting survey, isn't it?! I would sure like to see what the stats of the results were!

    jdh417: Thank for reminding me! With all the traveling I plum forgot! Results are on the first post from Chicago. Be sure to vote in the new poll if you haven't already! :)