Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poll Results - Groovy Age Romance Comic Publishers

Good evening! The results for the latest Sequential Crush poll are in!

Out of the thirteen votes this time around, DC won as the favorite publisher (eight votes). Charlton came in next with four votes, and Marvel received one vote. Poor Skywald, publisher of the short-lived Tender Love Stories (1971) received zero votes.

They can't all be winners!
Check out Gorilla Daze for more info on this one!

Thanks to all who voted this time around!


  1. Wish I'd been hep to this great blog when this poll was going on. I would have voted Marvel. Man, did they get trounced. I have exactly one issue of TENDER LOVE STORIES and the cover and obligatory new story are great. The rest of the book is lame (IMO) reprints.


  2. It just occurred to me what a darned shame it is that Atlas ('70's) never put out a romance comic. They certainly dabbled in every other genre in their too-brief existence (barely 60 comics.)

    --Marshall, again

  3. So many companies did, you would have thought they would have jumped on the bandwagon. But, I think that by 1974 when Atlas was just getting started, it was just too late in the game.

  4. Yeah, late 1973 seems to have been a crushing time for the genre. I think Charlton axed four titles and DC cancelled three.

    A year ago when my interest in Skywald was at its apex, I lucked into a copy of TENDER LOVE STORIES #1 at my LCS. At that time there were exactly ZERO issues available on eBay, but now they are ALL there. Issues 2-4 are heading my way in the mail--if they contain anything good beyond their covers it will be a pleasant surprise.