Saturday, November 7, 2009

Poll Result Time!

Good evening everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! The last poll ended and here are the results as to what you the Sequential Crush readers would like to see more of!
  • Chronicles of recurrent characters garnered eight votes for the win!
  • Issue reviews, individual story reviews, and socio-historical themes each had six votes a piece.
  • Advertisements and fashion features were the least desired, both with two votes.
Thank you to all those that voted. This will help me continue to deliver all the romantic goodness you have come to expect from Sequential Crush! If you didn't have a chance to vote, feel free to put your wishes in the comment section of this post. Also, check out the new poll!!!

Stay groovy! :)


  1. Jacque: I really love the individual story reviews! I think things can get a little sidetracked with the socio-historical stuff. A little, yes, but not a term paper. But that's just me talkin'! I love comics, not classrooms. I like the ads, too, which frankly spell out the socio-political stuff far better than anything else, anyway.

    But no matter how you cut it, though, I'm really enjoying Seqential Crush! Keep it comin' and "don't push the panic button, baby!" (man, I loved that line). -- Mykal

  2. Hi Mykal! Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts on SQ! I can see where you are coming from on the historical stuff... but, I am a historian by trade so I like to bring a bit of that to the table. I try not to be too academicy (ok, not a word!) on here, but sometimes my training gets the best of me!

    I do though feel that the romance comics are a very unique and important part of our culture's past and part of my efforts are to regard them with the modicum of seriousness that is due to them.

    I am very happy though that you are enjoying the blog! I really do appreciate everyone's opinions!!! And seriously, Mykal... I think "don't push the panic button, baby!" should be the new motto of Sequential Crush! :)

  3. Jacque: Jeez, what an oaf! Open Mouth. Insert Foot. I forgot you're an historian. I did notice that in your profile. Well, ahem, let me rephrase that. I enjoy a well-observed sociological insight along with my comic page, offering as it does some historical perspective. So go ahead and historic away! What with you, I mean, being sort of, well, being an historian and all.

    Man, is the graceful exit over this way somewhere? (I am just re-reading my post as I write this. Oh, man, I'm pressing the panic button. "I think things can get a little sidetracked with the socio-historical stuff." Ouch. "A little, yes, but not a term paper." Double ouch.

    What can one say, except it wasn't me. Someone else said that. Someone real stupid and oafish. Not me, though.

    Anyway. Love the blog. And the historic stuff. -- Mykal

  4. Hey Mykal! Its no biggie! I wouldn't worry too much about it! I really actually can be a too bland-stick-to-the-facts kind of writer most of the time, but doing this blog has helped me to get out of that mold. It is something that takes practice though! My boyfriend (and many others) always remind me to let my voice come through, so I just take this as a gentle reminder!

    Don't worry... it is pretty hard to offend me! :) :) :)

  5. Jacque: Good deal! Look forward to the next post. --Mykal