Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Back!

Friends! Thank you so much for all your patience, thoughts, and encouraging words during this difficult time -- I appreciate it more than you know. I have missed the world of blogging very much. I am slowly easing back into things, and I have some good stuff in store for you all in the upcoming weeks.

The last poll ended a few days ago, and the results surprised me a bit! I asked whether you read romance comics for the art or the stories, and the majority of voters responded stories. I actually thought it would be the other way around... very interesting! I have put up a new silly little poll -- it may help to look through old posts for this one!

After taking the poll, here is some advice on "Fifteen Ways to Get Over a Broken Heart" from Young Romance #175 (October 1971). My favorite tip -- "Buy a hat." Finally. Sound advice that you can trust. These also work well for New Years resolutions!

Thanks again everyone. I hope your holidays were lovely and special and filled with lots of snow and love! :)


  1. Pretty sound advice, all 15. My personal fave is #3~ 'rap while you walk'. We used to skip'n'scat on the way home from the corner bar~! I would like to add a quote from 'Manhattan', paraphrasing Wood Allen: 'The Heart is a resilient little muscle...' Implying, of course, that it is strong enough to overcome everything, in time...

  2. Jacque: So glad your back and you sound in fine form. You were missed in our collection of comic book bloggers! I thought all the advice here was pretty good. My favorite is the one about doing something you have always been afraid to do.

    Truth is, only time does the trick. I look forward to your posts! -- Mykal

  3. Jacque: PS: I voted for "art" in your last poll and was also surprised by the results. What a bunch of literate folks! PPSS: I go Page with your latest pole. Marc's advice seems like a recipe for a sure-fire slap down! -- Mykal

  4. Welcome back. Look for a mention of your blog in an upcoming "Tony's Tips" column for COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE.

  5. Lysdexicuss: Aww, I love that little quote. I am going to carry that around with me for a while I think!

    Curt: Thank you! Glad to be back!

    Mykal: Good choice. Ms. Peterson seems to be in the lead so far.

    Tony: Awesome!!! That is so cool, thank you! :)

  6. Welcome back to the land of the bloggers! I agree with the point about getting in some exercise. I just recently read a Batman story where Bruce encounters Vicki Vale (whom he's recently blown off) at a masquerade party. He says, "Vicki? But... your... your..." and she completes the sentence by saying, "My body, Bruce? Yes, it has changed, hasn't it? I've been working out. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm looking for my date!"

  7. Thank you, Pat! Yes, exercise is key, and it sure doesn't hurt to be reminded every once in a while!