Friday, January 29, 2010

The Return of Bruce and Lisa!

Back in November, I introduced you to the contest "Can This Romance Be Saved?" It detailed the plight of Bruce -- a shy, concert-going introvert and Lisa -- an extroverted party girl. DC asked readers to write in and voice their opinions on whether the two should split or stay the course and get married.

Many of you Sequential Crush readers voiced your opinion in the comments and had some very sage advice for Lisa and Bruce. Want to see how your advice stacked up to the winners? Click the image below to see the results of the contest that appeared in Girls' Love Stories #171 (July 1972)!

Winner of the contest, Barbi Smith of Brooklyn, New York won $10 dollars (approximately $51 today) for her mature answer -- not too shabby for a comic book contest! I have always wondered if and how many guys were reading romance comics, but judging from the name of the second-runner up, there was at least one!


  1. Since my answer was closest to Barbi's, but we are in a recession, I will accept one heart-felt 'Good job, chum !' Can't wait to read follow-up letters to this same couple's problem. What would be more interesting, is free psycho-analysis for each person who responds... (I am all ears, Jacque !)

  2. Jacque: Well, my sage council (which was basically to dump the dweeb) was polar opposite of our contest winner! Ooooh, Barbi's just soooo mature. Crap! -- Mykal

  3. Makes ya wonder where Lisa and Bruce are and what they're up to now!

  4. Lysexicuss: Good job, but I think we will leave the psycho-analysis to KB! :)

    Next time, Mykal. Next time!

    Apocolyte: I have always wondered how many people followed the advice given in the romance comics...