Thursday, February 11, 2010

100th Post Special - The Kiss Test!

Friends! It has taken me a little while to put it together, but I present to you -- The 100th post here on Sequential Crush!!! I can hardly believe it! I have had so much fun posting and interacting with all of you for the past ten months. I can officially say that I am addicted to blogging about romance comics, and the comic book blogging community in general!

I really have to thank all you readers out there who have joined me here week after week, and who have made keeping this blog so fun. I definitely feel like I have met a bunch of kindred spirits... who would have thought there were so many people who dug romance comics?!

And finally, I have to say a super huge thank you to Pat Curley of the blog Silver Age Comics. I don't think Sequential Crush would be where it is without him. He welcomed me into this whole blogging thing immediately, and consistently cheered me on and plugged me many, many times on his site. For that and his continuing support I am eternally grateful! So, be sure to show some love over at Silver Age Comics and if you are a Batman fan, his newest blog Nothing But Batman is equally as phenomenal.

Okay, enough! Enough! I sound like I am at an awards show, sheesh! On with the very special 100th post -- The Kiss Test!!!

The Kiss Test is based on a suggestion by Mykal (Gold Key Comics!, Star-Studded War Comics, The Big Blog of Kid's Comics!) that was made recently in the comments section of the How We Met post. He thought it would be cool to get people's opinions on which romance artist drew the best kiss. So, here we have 20 amazing kisses by 20 different artists.

Which is your favorite?

Ric Estrada

Jay Scott Pike

Creig Flessel

Charles Nicholas

Alex Toth

Win Mortimer

Gene Colan

Frank Langford

John Buscema

Jim Steranko


Tom Sutton

Alex Niño

Art Cappello

Tony Dezuniga

Tony Abruzzo

Vince Colletta

Art Saaf

Enrique Nieto

John Romita

Now that you have seen the contestants, who in your opinion deserves to win The Kiss Test? Top five? Least favorite?


  1. I absolutely love Romita's work, but I am going to have to give John Buscema extra credit for also drawing KISS in MARVEL COMICS SUPER SPECIAL #1. Plus his women have the sexiest lips. SILVER SURFER #3, anyone?


  2. Okay, this is a tough call. For the real look of a complete "kiss moment" and therefore my No. 1, I gotta go Tony Dezuniga. The woman's posture just says "lost in kiss heaven." Close runner up, though, is the heat generated by my beloved Gene Colan (the opened eyes cost him the first place choice). After that it's Win Mortimer #3; John Buscema #4; and John Romita #5 - And sweeping up the rear is Tony Abruzzo. What the hell is that! The vulcan face meld?

    Thanks for this, Jacque - it was worth waiting for! -- Mykal

  3. Jay Scott Pike.

    I would have picked Toth, but the whole hands-to-face submissive thing with the tear was a detracting factor; in Scott Pike's, the Woman is embracing the Man which is more symbolic of true equality to me (even though that guy is TALL).

  4. A few of the contestants were penciled by the artists you listed but inked by Vince Colletta (just look at the Vinnie-trademarked caked-on mascara eyelashes in the Art Saaf example.)

  5. Toth 1st, Jay Scott Pike 2nd and then John Buscema

  6. I would have to go with John Buscema. Despite the fact that the guy has Quentin Collins hair ... or maybe because of it.

    Great 100th post!

  7. I have to say Buscema's is the best and it makes me lament all over again that he didn't draw more romance comics. I'd put Romita's second and Toth's third, from this batch of examples anyway. It's tough to find an example of Jim Steranko's kisses besides the one you gave, but contenders might be found on the famous page 5 of Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 (although you might argue that it doesn't quite get to the actual kiss), and also the last panel on page 20 of the same book (although this is entirely a kiss in silhouette). What a great idea this feature was and obviously a lot of work went into putting it together!

  8. Man, I give it up to Steranko and Tony Dezuniga. Mostly Steranko. The three-panel push-in is STEAMY. I'd normally go Romita or Buscema, but in this instance Buscema's Wolfman embrace doesn't do a lot for me. I've seen better kisses in his Conan work. Romita can be third. Mostly 'cause it looks like Peter Parker and Betty Brant are getting married.

  9. Hey all! So glad you liked this post and it has been great fun for me to see which artist drew your favorite kiss! Here are my top five: 1)Toth, 2)Elizabeth, 3)Mortimer, 4)Niño, 5)Flessel. Yup, I like the strange ones!

    Marshall: Unfortunately can't see the lips in this Romita example, but I will have to check out Silver Surfer #3.

    Mykal: Thanks for your patience! I wish I was as efficient of a blogger as you, but for now -- I am slow at getting these posts up!

    Jimmy: Excellent choice! :)

    Lysdexicuss: I can see what you mean about the Toth one, but there is just this really beautiful sadness to it. Plus his sideburns seal the deal!

    liquidwater: Yes, many of them are inked by others including Colletta. I didn't want to confuse the matter though, so I just put down the penciler. I should have mentioned that though, so thanks for bringing it up!

    Aaron/The Ghost: Thank you so much! Hopefully there will be hundreds more!

    Spectergirl: Thank you too! I actually think Buscema may be my least favorite. His girls tend to have these crazy claw fingernails that are really distracting to me, but I can understand why a lot of people like him.

    KB: I debated whether to make this the greatest kiss in all of comics, or just stick to the romance genre. I obviously stuck to romance, but a superhero kiss post could definitely make an appearance in the future!

    Jake: Steranko is amazing. Such a shame this is the only romance work of his -- steamy is correct!

  10. Congrats on 100, Jacque! I had wondered if you were related to Martin Nodell, and your link above answered that question! How wonderful!

    Those were some great kisses up there...where's Mr. Scratcthy? John Tartaglione??

    Just Kidding...
    Top 5: Even though Toth is a master, that kiss looks like he is eating her face, and the sideburn is eating his face...also, apologies to Mykal and Gene Colan, one of the best, but that particular kiss, with all the shadows, did more to chill me than thrill me...too dark...The first one that struck me was Pike, then Steranko, Buscema, Romita, and that image Win Mortimer did of the guy mauling the girl is awesome too! Too many great kisses. I hope they remember to gargle!

  11. Apocolyte, thank you! I am indeed related to Marty... guess thats how I caught the comic book bug!

    The Pike one is great... I think the coloring really helps. If it were brighter, I don't know if I would like it that much. Thanks for sharing your top five!

  12. Jay Scott Pike, Gene Colan, John Buscema. Pike's and Buscema's have a lot of emotion, and Colan's has a lot of movement.

    I love Alex Toth's art, but the scene looks like he is giving the girl mouth to mouth resucitation. Sutton's looks like the girl is kissing Iceman! And, I have to say, on my first look at Flesel's scene, I thought it was two girl's kissing. Not that there's anything wrong with that (there's my Seinfeld reference), but I didn't think that would get past a code approved book.

    Happy 100th post, Jacque! It's been a pleasure to read your blog, and you're a great person as well! Happy Valentines Day!

    Nick C.

  13. Funny enough, Nick -- I have seen the Sutton one making the rounds on people's tumblr sites, and they have been making "Twilight" references. To some an iceman, to others -- a sparkly vampire! Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Nick!

  14. not a very good colletta example shown