Monday, May 24, 2010

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Monday!

To help start your week off with a bang, I declare that Mondays shall be devoted to the DC fashion featurette "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" here at Sequential Crush!!! These gorgeous fashion spreads not only showcase the latest fashions of the day, but really give a good feel for a variety of artists. This evening's sample comes from Falling in Love #94 (October 1967), as rendered by Tony Abruzzo.

Though these pages are from over 40 years ago, I can most certainly see these outfits on the catwalks of today. Who knew that romance comics were so timeless?!

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Monday" - phew - now that's a tongue twister! While you practice saying that three times fast, be sure to check out the latest poll!


  1. Gosh. Is that really 1967? I wonder what the source material was. It doesn't look like any of the styles I have fixed in my head for that period, though of course that's all hindsight - I was but 5 at the time! - and the assumption that there was a fixed set of "styles" for the period. Do you think this was catwalk fashion carried over, or is there a possibility of the artists improvising around a theme?

  2. Actually, some of these ideas echo the work Twiggy was modeling a couple years before.
    Twiggy- the original waif model.
    Ah well, at least they're not granny dresses.Those were real popular in middle school around this time too!

  3. Jacque, thought you might like this. It's a 1965 Gil Kane romance story.

  4. colsmi: Though other decades prior to the '60s had varying styles throughout, it seems the '60s really were all over the place -- so no, no real fixed look that encompassed the entire decade. Though I can't be certain what the exact source materials were, it is a safe bet that the artists were drawing from catalogs, friends, and maybe just good old fashion people watching? As Diana mentions below, Twiggy also probably served as inspiration. Those short skirts and dresses with the tall socks were definitely something she sported!

    Diana: Yes! I saw that Kane story last week. Great, huh?!

  5. 'Super Bird'! The Legion of Super-Pets missed out there ...