Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Ad - Advice Columnists

I love this colorful house ad from Young Romance #195 (September/October 1973) that proclaims, "Daring breakthroughs are on their way in!" The ad highlights the advice columnists of the romance comics; represented by DC not just as columnists, but as a "counseling team."

By this time, you most likely know Marc and Paul, but the other names probably aren't as familiar. Well, that is all going to change! Check back here Thursday night, for an illuminating post introducing the columnists from not only the DC romance comics, but Marvel and Charlton as well. Don't miss it -- if you do, I will be forced to subject you to the wrath of Marc!!!


  1. The wrath of Marc?! No one deserves that!

  2. Spectergirl: Some of the readers seem to get pretty mad at Marc, but he has the advantage of being able to consider his comeback and then print it without any real fear of a follow-up that undermines what he says. And he says some outrageous stuff, right? He has all the power!