Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - Crazy Hats!

There once was a time when head wear was common, and most women wore a hat of some sort on a regular basis.

Since that is no longer the case,
we must live vicariously through romance comics!

Headgear for the ages by Tony Abruzzo
"Mad Mad Modes for Moderns"
Heart Throbs #110 (October/November 1967)


  1. Nice find! I don't recall seeing one of these on hats before.

  2. They are pretty unique, KB! I love the helmet/visor one. Très chic!

  3. I think they were pretty unique in real life as well. I don't remember seeing too many back in the late 60s, but then I didn't hang out in Carnaby Street! It is, however, a fancy version of the Balaclava Helmet. Now those I did see worn by boys - I used to wear the one's my mother knitted to keep my ears warm in the winter. Here's a pattern I found on the Victoria and Albert Museum website (my mother didn't make them with ear flaps like this one has):


  4. Nice! Someday, when I have some time, I may just have to knit one! I love the VAM website by the way... such a great resource!