Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nice Date!

I feel like I have seen this guy from Girls' Love Stories #180 (November/December 1973) someplace before...

Oh yeah! The infamous Moon monster!!!

Young Love #93 (March 1972)


  1. Nice! I think he also might have been the cover model from my most resent Women Running entry.

  2. The Moon Monster lurks where you least expect him -- even on romance novels!

  3. I think the moon monster isn't aging very well. He is looking a little rough in that 1973 panel.

    And Spectergirl, yes, he really does look a good deal like the cover monster on that Sasquatch porn you posted.

  4. It's not easy being a Moon Monster, Anonymous! It must be exhausting being horrifying, exciting and thrilling ALL the time!