Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to Make His Parents Like You!

Since romance comic books were centered on the romantic plights of teens and young women, parents frequently played an integral part in the outcome of the stories. So, it is no surprise that articles such as the following, "How to Make His Parents Like You!" appeared in Falling in Love #116 (July 1970) to dispense advice to lovelorn readers.

Just in case you are meeting your date's parents in just a few --
here are some highlights from the article. You too
can make the parental units swoon!

♥ "Don't expect to be taken places that force him to ask his parents for additional allowance."

♥ "Guard against perspiration."

♥ "Avoid looking cheap."

♥ "Always stand up when an older person first enters the room."

♥ "Keep your voice moderately low."

♥ "Don't gossip. It's cheap and in bad taste."

♥ "Avoid slang and hippy expressions."

Despite some of the obvious and funny tips (wear deodorant) and the rather old-fashioned and clinical sounding, "Planning your wedding, dreaming of your future home, improving your homemaking skills and thinking of ways to please your future husband are some of the joys you will be experiencing." -- the advice isn't half bad for any situation you may find yourself in!


  1. I love the open, blatant, and completely unashamed strategic manipulation of this game plan. Just be yourself? Don't make me laugh. More like be a highly disciplined enemy agent strategically placed to win hearts and minds. Moderate your voice, feign interest in their lives and their opinions, and subtly compliment their intelligence and parenting skills. Above all, never let them see you sweat.

    This is (no kidding) a beautifully constructed playbook for infiltration and takeover - so good it seems nearly wasted on gaining the affection of a pair of simple parents simply meeting "the girl" for the first time. Using these same stratagems (only slightly modified), one could reach the officer level of any company or corporation very swiftly.

  2. 'Avoid slang & hippy expressions'~! Ha HAH~!

    Those stinky, dirty, 3rd class Hippies~!

    There should be a NEW Romance comic for 21 Century Men, with advice on how to hog-tie a Modern Pants-Wearing Woman~!

  3. Mykal: The suggestions are indeed quite the regiment. I think I won over Justin's parents by just being my goofy self :)

    Lysdexicuss: There were sort of a lot of stories of girls bringing home hippies -- their slang couldn't have been that off putting!