Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - Guilty!

"Mad Mad Modes for Moderns"
Girls' Romances #140
(April 1969)

A different sort of "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" here for you this Monday, demonstrating the possible crimes inherent in makeup application. I think I was guilty of a few of these in middle school -- but hey! I was experimenting! Amazing how au naturel never seems to go out of style!


  1. We used to have a saying when we were being catty:"she learned the art of makeup from a paving contractor." Meow!
    Hey Jacque, here's one that might have slipped by you:

  2. Oh! So mean! I bet the halls of Waukesha South cringed! :)

    Thank you for the link!!! I always like to read other people's thoughts on romance comics!

  3. Jacque: I love the cool-baby tone of the text. The ritual of makeup is so fascinating. I've never known a woman who wasn't very skilled at it, with hands flicking around eyes with such practiced ease.

  4. I once had a friend in school who's dad called it our "war paint." haha!