Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Collection of One-Pagers

Not all stories in romance comics were full length. Below are seven one-page stories from both DC and Charlton romance titles. What they lack in breadth, they sure make up in charm!

"A Kiss in Time"
Pencils and inks by Charles Nicholas

Just Married #67
(October 1969)

Done in this divergent style, Henry Boltinoff (of Super-Turtle fame) shows romance readers the elusive male perspective.

"Teen Fables"
Script, pencils and inks by
Henry Boltinoff
Girls' Romances #155
(March 1971)

One-pagers weren't all done for the gag. Some were quick and simple ways to convey romantic norms and expectations.

"Days to Remember"
Pencils by Charles Nicholas
Inks by Vincent Alascia
Just Married #93
(March 1973)

Some, such as "Pen Pal!" were effective because of their clever punchline.

"Pen Pal!"
As rendered by Art Cappello
Just Married #100
(May 1974)

The two following one-pagers from DC (from titles Young Romance and Young Love, respectively) are some of the last the company would publish in the disappearing genre of romance.

"The Movie!"
Young Romance #205
(May/June 1975)

Pencils by Mike Sekowsky
Inks by Dick Giordano
Young Love #121
(October 1976)

"Shadow from the Past" is by an artist you don't normally see associated with romance comics -- Mike Vosburg. Vosburg was the artist who drew the majority of the covers that appeared at the beginning of the television show, Tales from the Crypt. By the time this one-pager was published in 1979, romance comics had all but vanished.

"Shadow from the Past"
Pencils and inks by Mike Vosburg
I Love You #127
(December 1979)

I hope you enjoyed these one-pagers!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Thank you for an extra bit of enjoyment this weekend!

  2. That Pen Pal story makes me want to hang around Airport Terminals... but, with my luck I'll end up with the dim-witted Mother-in-Law from the 1st one-pager~!

    This stuff is wonderful as always, Jacque. More please~!

  3. Great topic, Jacque! I've always been fond of those short subjects myself.

    Credit-wise, a couple of things: while "Days to Remember" is indeed from the team of Nicholas/Alascia, "A Kiss in Time" is solo Nicholas.

    And the inks on Sekowsky on "Two-Timing...Darling!" are by Dick Giordano.

  4. "Days to Remember" is the most horrifying story ever referenced on this blog. The last panel is absolutely bone-chilling.


  5. Nice stuff! I suspect "Pen Pal" is the work of Art Cappello, who did a lot of work for Charlton, but "The Movie" has me stumpted. Beautiful work, but I can't quite place the artist or inker.

    Nick C.

  6. Lysdexicuss: I will be sure to do another round up of these lil' shorties sometime soon!

    Richard: Thanks for the help IDing! Corrections made! I really need to learn how to identify Giordano -- he seems to have inked a ton. Any tips?

    Marshall: Sorry to have frightened you!!! :)

    Nick: Ah ha! Cappello, thats it! I knew the bold lines and those little background hearts looked familiar!

  7. That is some seriously compressed storytelling. I love these!

  8. Let's see, tips for identifying Giordano?

    Bold, slick strokes, mostly parallel. Strong blacks. Very seldom cross-hatches. Thick, lustrous hair and especially eyelashes on the ladies. Doesn't spare the inky eyeliner.

    Of course, it varies according to the penciller.

    For a sustained example of his inks on Mike Sekowsky, there's the 36-page epic "Death at Castle Dunbar", from Secrets of Sinister House #5 (July 1972).

  9. Thanks, Richard! I am getting better at identifying pencilers, and someday I might just have the inkers down! :)

  10. Nick--

    I'm also blanking out on who might have pencilled "The Movie!", but my guess for inker would be Mike Peppe.

    All the same, a gorgeous piece of work!