Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Acts of Geekery Interview!

If you have a few extra minutes to spare today, be sure to check out the fine blog Random Acts of Geekery for an interview with yours truly! It was great fun being interviewed by Jon Knutson and I hope you will have an equally fun time reading it!


  1. Jacque: I really enjoyed that! I love the image of the creator of the Green Lantern drinking his beer from a straw. Priceless. I am really looking forward to your book on monster comics; and was sorry to hear we (USA) are soon to loose you to Denmark. Our loss but Denmark's (and Justin's) gain.

  2. Thanks, Mykal!!! I am looking forward to my book, too! Haha... it is slowly taking shape, much like a Frankenstein-type monster! As long as I have internet, I will never be far!!! :)

  3. That was really good :) Though, there was an absurd amount of talk of Justin :(

    But really the content of the article was appropriate, especially since you got a chance to finish strong with talk of romance comics :)

    And the part about knitting coasters was fun.

    - Justin