Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Very Special Valentine's Day Gift!

Happy weekend, romance fans! I hope you all had a lovely week and a most wonderful Valentine's Day! I was out of town for the holiday, but upon my return I had something very special waiting for me at the Post Office from my dear boyfriend, Justin!!!

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day isn't celebrated in Denmark as far as he could tell, Justin went all out this year and found and purchased for me the splash page of Win Mortimer's "How Do I Know When I'm Really in Love?" (below). This piece of original art is very cool for a number of reasons... 1.) It is illustrated by Win Mortimer -- no need to elaborate! 2.) It is a splash page! 3.) Not only is it the splash page of the story, it is also the first page of the expensive and scarce romance comic, DC 100 Page Super Spectacular #5 (1971)!

Original Page with art by Win Mortimer
DC 100 Page Super Spectacular #5 (1971)

Page from the 2000
"Replica Edition"

I just had to share -- I am totally smitten with it! No chocolate or flowers for this girl!!! Hooray!

Justin also seized the opportunity to purchase the original art for the stunning three-page Art Saaf illustrated story, "You're Not My Type... Mr. Winslow!" from Heart Throbs #129 (December 1970/January 1971). He had these pages shipped to him in Denmark, so I definitely can't wait to see these in person once I am there!

All of this was such a huge surprise, so thanks for allowing me to take time to share with you! When I think about the fact that these amazing artists poured all of their energy and talent into these gorgeous pieces it just makes me feel so connected to history and all giddy inside!


  1. This gives me ideas for wedding gifts !
    Anyone else hear bells ringing in their
    heads ? ;~j

  2. Jacque - I would say that not only is Justin a 'keeper', he's also that one in a billion zillion that most people are never fortunate enough to meet!

  3. Those are some wonderful gifts! I'm sure you'll be happy to see them in person, but I'm sure you deserve them!

  4. theseditionist: I think so too! :)

    Lysdexicuss: Is there a wedding registry for original comic book art? If so, sign me up! Who needs flatware and sheets?!

    KB: I couldn't agree more. Even though we are apart right now, I feel lucky every single day!

    Nick: Thanks! It will be exciting to eventually have them framed and on the walls!!!

  5. Hey! Denmark was holding those Saaf pages for a week, but they finally moved through the customs in Copenhagen. I got them today! They are really clean pages, considering they are pieces of commercial work.

    Next, I can't wait to hold that Mortimer page. What an unbelievable find for us! Again, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    My experience with the sellers on has been great. They really worked with me on both of these transactions.

    - Justin

  6. Justin: Yay! So happy those Saaf pages arrived to you in Denmark in good condition!!! is a great site and so fun to look through!