Saturday, March 26, 2011

Young Woman of the Month - Gilda Radner

Hey friends! It has been a few days, I know! After attending the C2E2 con (which unfortunately did not yield as many romance comics as I had hoped) I went on a short visit to see my family. But now I am back!

Today I have for you an interesting little one-pager, "Young Woman of the Month" from Young Love #122 (November 1976) featuring legendary comedienne, Gilda Radner. Published shortly after Gilda began her run on Saturday Night Live as an original cast member, this beautiful piece no doubt influenced many a young reader to follow their dreams -- no matter how goofy.

Scripted by Ellen Spencer
Pencils: Joe Orlando, Inks: Vince Colletta


  1. I'm pretty sure this is one of the issues that I edited and that this feature was my idea. But I don't remember who "Ellen Spencer" was.

  2. No one carries romance comics at UK conventions. Here, it's mail order or nothing. Bah..!

    Nice bit of work from Joe Orlando there. It's a shame he wasn't doing more comics art at the time.

  3. I don't recall ever seeing the name "Ellen Spencer"" in credits before: possibly another Shamus O'Shaugnessy situation?
    Our local con usually stocks a fair number of romance books, but at rather steep prices...
    As to Gilda, I can't read this page without getting a bit verklempt. While her movies were not as strong as her TV output, she was just hitting her stride when the cancer got her.
    Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. This came across the Golden Age comics list:

  5. Tony: You did edit this issue... so we all owe you a HUGE thank you!!! :) I couldn't find anything on Ellen Spencer either -- perhaps a pseudonym for someone, like Anne Spencer was?

    Allan: Ah! Just noticed the Joe + Vinnie down there. I am in a scramble to accumulate as many as I can before moving to Europe, but then the tricky thing is getting them there!

    Diana: No problem! She was really lovely and I always have great respect for the funny ladies that have brought joy to so many!

    I saw those original art pages too... gorgeous stuff! If only money grew on trees, right?! :)

  6. I reread the page and it's remotely possible I am "Ellen Spencer." Some of the phrasing sounds like mine, but that could just be because I edited the copy. Curse my aging memory.

  7. Tony: Let us know if you remember! :)

  8. Interesting and YIKES! Gosh awful art by two mostly talented names, if that is supposed to be Gilda and...Chevy?
    Looks like Lois Lane about to go down on Superman...