Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ugly Duckling Week - A Charlton One-Pager!

Today's Ugly Duckling Week post is a little one-pager from Charlton's Career Girl Romances #74 (April 1973). This short story of transformation was illustrated by frequent Charlton romance artist, Pete Morisi -- also known as PAM. Morisi often signed his romance work; if you look at the bottom left-hand corner of this story you will see his signature -- written in such a way that it looks like PAIII.

Interestingly, Morisi was not only a comic book artist, but a New York City police officer! I guess in a way he knew a little bit about transformation and wearing more than one hat, or in this case -- wig!


  1. I like her WAAYYYYY better B-4 the transformation. She had me at TYPEWRITER ! Also~ do you know the origin/meaning of this tricky adjective kicky ?

  2. "Let's lenses, lipstick, wonder bra, breast implants, liposuction, low self esteem, rufies,birth control pills, handcuffs, taser...check! Yep, I think that should do it!"

    I agree with Lysdexicuss, Miss Grey was beautiful as she was, and Harvey is a jerk, most obviously. Don't ever change , Miss Grey! If Harvey can't see your worth, ignore the troglodyte...

    Ahh, the 70's. I'm all for romance, but not for the stereotyping of women and chauvinistic propaganda in the guise of young girls comics.

    Also kicky should (yet doesn't) refer to what Miss Grey is going to do to Harve's genitals...repeatedly. Just call me a romantic...spring is in the air!

    Great blog, Jacque! Neat-o posts!

  3. I just looked it up. "Kicky" is slang for "pleasurably amusing or exciting." Hmm. "All kinds of pleasurably amusing or exciting make-up." What is she making herself up to be? Peter Criss from Kiss?

  4. I think we can all agree she looked better pre-transformation! Being yourself definitely has its merits!!!

    As for "kicky," Boosterrific is correct, but Lysdexicuss -- you sound like you may have some secret insight to the origin of the word! :)

  5. Ah, this story is relatable—reminds me of the days before Jacque and I got together. She didn’t “notice me” for several years, even though time and time again I tried to make a pass at her. Though, I have to say, that I never considered her a jerk for not noticing me (and yes, this means I disagree with you Apocolyte).

    Though I do agree with all, strange how blonde equals beautiful here. When I think about the 1970s, I don’t necessarily think blond. I would think that as more of a vogue of the 1950s, receeding by the 1970s—maybe Monroe for example?

  6. I am glad you do not think I am a jerk, Justin Bleep :)

    I guess that saying "blondes have more fun" stuck even into the '70s... Come to think of it, I was blonde when we finally started dating! Coincidence? Haha!