Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your Poll Pick - John Romita!

Thanks to all who participated in the latest poll! Thirty-six percent of readers wanted to see a sequential story by John Romita! No stranger to romance, Romita drew love stories for Atlas in the early days of the genre, as well as many of DC's romance stories and covers throughout the 1950s and into the '60s. Today, please enjoy a Marvel romance story illustrated by Romita -- "I Dream of Romance!" originally published in My Love #1 (September 1969) and reprinted (as shown here) in Our Love Story #13 (October 1971).

Val is a dedicated young woman -- always striving to better herself through work and study. Unlike everyone around her, Val has no one to depend on but herself, therefore necessitating the utmost in self-discipline. As such, romance is only a distant dream for Val.

One evening Val goes to a babysitting gig for a family she has not met before. She relieves the housekeeper from the day shift and after putting the baby down for the night, attempts to study. Val finds herself distracted by a photograph on a nearby table of the baby's father. Soon, all she can think of is the man in the picture -- handsome yes, but the husband of someone else and therefore forbidden. Soon, Val dozes off and her waking fantasy melts into a warm and thrilling dream.

But in a surprise twist, it wasn't entirely a dream! Val wakes up to find herself actually kissing the mystery man from the photo. She runs out of the house, devastated to have lip-locked with another woman's husband.

Out of shame, Val decides she must skip town. As she makes her getaway, the mystery man chases after her, begging her to stop. Finally he catches up to her and apologizes for kissing her while she was watching his -- wait for it -- nephew!!! You can now breathe a big sigh of relief! Our sweet Val is not a home-wrecker and dreams do come true as it turns out!

Thanks again for participating in the poll! Ya'll selected one of the best floating head drawers out there! Have a most wonderful weekend!


  1. Romita does so much with so little. It is all about the layouts~ and the rest just follows !!

  2. He is amazing. Though I can't help looking at his faces and wondering when Spider-man is going to show.

  3. I thought this story was particularly gorgeous. Glad you guys enjoyed! :)

  4. Romita really plays with the design of each page. A very attractive and fun story.

    The script may have been written in the late 1950s or early 1960s (possibly by Stan Lee) for one of their romance comics and given to Romita to redraw. Marvel had a tendency to reuse old scripts from time to time in their westerns and mystery stories (as well as in Tales of the Watcher, which appeared around the same time in the back of the Silver Surfer), adding new artwork and minor revisions to the script, as has been noted by Michael Gilbert in Alter Ego. I suspect some of their romance tales were also "Twice Told Tales".

  5. Do you have a guess on what story this is a re-do of?

  6. I wish I did, but I don't have enough of those Timely/Atlas romance comics to check. If I do discover it I'll be sure to pass the info along.