Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Post Over at the DC Archives Message Board - Issue Review of Heart Throbs #73!

Hey friends! I invite you to go check out a post I did over at the DC Archives Message Board for their monthly DC Comics Time Capsule feature! This month they are examining comics that were on the newsstands June of 1961. I had the honor of doing an issue review of Heart Throbs #73! Check it out here -- my section starts on page two. So, mosey on over there and enjoy!!!


  1. Jacque - thanks again for the time capsule contribution! We've been woefully short in our coverage of romance comics.

    You're welcome to revisit 1961 with us anytime you'd like!

  2. It was very fun, Osgood! 1961 is a good year, I am looking forward to future time capsules!