Saturday, June 11, 2011

Puppy Love Week - Falling in Love with "Puppy Love!"

Ready for some more cute pups and their lovestruck owners? Today's story is aptly named, "Puppy Love!" and it is from the pages of Falling in Love #124 (July 1971). Sheila is an "airline stewardess" and shares an apartment in New York with two of her co-workers. All three of them have a crush on the aloof Quentin P. Reardon, but he doesn't seem to notice any of them.

After a run-in with Quentin proves futile, Sheila decides she must take drastic measures and heads to the pet store to buy a dog! Now, Sheila doesn't buy any dog, but a dog identical to Quentin's pup -- a rare Tibetan Terrier.

Sheila's investment pays off. The next time she runs into Quentin at the apartment building, sparks fly.

Purchasing little Ying seems to do the trick and Quentin not only notices, but is completely enamored. Sheila and Quentin take their matching dogs to the park and then decide to take a drive to Connecticut, dogs in tow.

As the dogs frolic together, Sheila and Quentin walk side by side. Upon returning to New York, Sheila's roommates marvel at the newly formed romance, wondering how she managed to catch him. I guess they will find out when they are introduced to their new shaggy roommate!

Kind of a silly little story, but cute nonetheless! I hope you have enjoyed "Puppy Love Week!" Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and see you soon!


  1. Jacque,

    As a dog lover I enjoyed all these entries. This story looks to have input by Nick Cardy, although I'm not sure if he only inked it. The spash page look less Cardy-ish then the rest of the story.

    Nick C.

  2. I am glad you did, Nick! I also thought there was something Cardy-ish about it. Hmmmm...

  3. Looks like a Cardy reprint with extensive redrawing by other hands to alter hair and update clothing.

  4. I am terrible and used an out of context box on my blog. Very cute story.