Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Because You Demanded It! Too Spoiled for Love!

Cover by Bill Draut
Interior art by Jack Abel

After this post back in October, many of you have requested that I feature this intriguingly titled tale from Girls' Love Stories #154 (October 1970). With a title like "Too Spoiled for Love!" -- how could I resist?!

A wondrously
over-dramatic splash page!

Lila is what you would call a playa. She dates a bunch of guys and then ditches them the second it starts to get serious.

She is cool with her lifestyle, but her parents are not. They remind her that most of her friends are either engaged or married, and some even have children. Methinks they may partially just want her out of the house! Anyhow, one evening while headed out to a club, Lila's car stalls. A handsome guy stops to help her out.

The car is in need of major work and the young man named Brett tells Lila she will have to get it towed in the morning. Brett offers Lila a ride to her destination and she accepts, but also, invites Brett to join her at The Cave to see a band called Ghostly Happenings. Groovy!

Things are different with Brett. Lila is completely smitten and has no urge to move onto the next guy. She is even given the chance to meet someone new when her dad announces that he has invited his young assistant to have dinner at their house. Lila tells Brett that she will be unable to make their second date due to her father's arrangements. Brett lets Lila know it isn't an issue... and no wonder -- Brett turns out to be her father's new assistant!

Lila's father aggressively tries to "sell" Brett on her, not knowing they already met. Once given a chance to talk in private, Lila bursts out in anger at Brett. Though he explains that their meeting on the road the night before was purely accidental, she is convinced that he helped her just to get ahead at work. She chases him out with words of resentment and while he declares his love for her she thinks to herself,

"Why? Why you, Brett? Wasn't it cruel
enough that you'd made a fool of me? Did you have
to make me fall in love with you, too?"

Attempting to ease back to her normal playgirl lifestyle, Lila is unsuccessful and can only think about Brett. She decides the best course of action is to stop running away from him and saturate her life with all things Brett until she is completely sick of him. To accomplish this, Lila asks her father if she can work at the plant where Brett acts as floor supervisor.

Lila heads to work on the assembly line. Consumed by how "dull" the job is and Brett's overwhelming presence, she looses track of the settings on the pressure gauges. All of a sudden, an explosion occurs, injuring some of the women on the line. Horrified at the chaos caused by her own negligence and brattiness, Lila splits the scene and wanders the factory. Her father catches up with her and lets her know that Brett admitted to forgetting to do the morning gauge inspection -- resulting in him being fired.

Realizing that Brett only took the blame for her actions because he really loves her, Lila goes to stop Brett from leaving. Their flame is quickly reignited and as ol' Shakespeare espoused, all's well that ends well!

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  1. It's definitely Abel inks, but I doubt he penciled it. Fun story!

  2. Yeah, can't put my finger on who penciled it. Just a goofy little story to get the week going!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I love the groovy club with the band in the devil costumes. I dig the fashions too-- Brett has some fab suits, and I really like Lila's green tights with the Daphne shoes.

  4. No problem! That panel of the band is definitely my favorite! :)

  5. Oh wow! All's well that ends well, except for the people who got injured and stuff. This one is a little bit more sinister than the other "too x to love" comics!

    Thanks for giving me permission to use images from and link to your site! I ended up with this post here:


    I hope it doesn't come across as too ignorant about the content of the usual romance comic. I had all these premade assumptions about what they would be like, and the ones you posted that had a little bit more of the "embrace yourself for who you are" vibe just impressed me!

  6. Hi Mia! Your post is great! Funny and thought provoking! A lot of people slam romance comics outright, but you definitely gave 'em a chance and looked at all angles! The self-love aspect is a little more unique to the '70s (than romance comics of previous decades) and fits right in to the whole "Free to Be... You and Me" thing. :) Just part of why I love them so much!

  7. Someones pencils are under Abel inks but I can't quite figure who. The figures and poses have a familiar look, and I'm thinking of folks like John Rosenberger or Art Saaf. Some panels even remind me of Win Mortimer's style.

    Nick Caputo

  8. Not Saaf on this one and there are a few Mortimer fists, but I don't think it is him either. The mystery continues...

  9. Reading the late Silver Age stuff, it always amuses me how well, striking the fashions look when I wouldn't have thought twice about it at the time (didn't read romance books but I did see the covers at the store).

  10. Yeah, if a time machine were made available to me I probably would just go back to the '70s and go shopping! I would buy dozens of pairs of green tights.