Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Big Thank You for Watching the History Detectives!!!

Hi all! I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those that watched the History Detectives last night on PBS! If you missed the show, you can watch it online here. The segment on Negro Romance starts at around 37:39! You can also view pages from the comic book over at the show's site!

Naturally, Bertram the Squirrel is my favorite character
in "Possessed!" Negro Romance #2 (1950) (Fawcett)

As always, I am so blown away by the awesome readers that I have! You all make putting the many hours into Sequential Crush so worthwhile!!! xoxo


  1. Great show. Your segment was very informative. I did not know that Fawcett editor Roy Ald had done any writing.


  2. Very cool segment, Jacque!

    How did you decide to meet at the Geppi Museum? (one of my favorite places to visit!)

    Were the items you displayed all out of your personal collection? That was quite an impressive display.

    At least I finally know how to correctly pronounce your name now - I have been mentally saying "Jacque" like Jacques Cousteau all this time!

    Congrats on a great TV debut!

  3. I caught the show last night and though you were fantastic on it. I loved your collection of Real Love too.

  4. I hadn't either Jake! Apparently in upcoming Alter Ego issues (104-106) there will be a multi-part interview with Ald by the Fawcett expert (Shaun Clancy) who was also on the show. Keep an eye out for it!

    Osgood: Thank you for watching! The producers flew me out to Baltimore because the Geppi Entertainment Museum has a copy of the 1955 Charlton reprint of Negro Romances in their collection. A large portion of the filming revolved around the actual reprint comic, but they pretty much edited that out. Yes, the books I pulled out were ones I brought from home at their request. Funny enough, I saw a criticism on a collector's board that had a viewer cringing that the books weren't bagged and boarded. Haha! I do bag and board my books, but with the lights there was so much glare that they requested I take them out. With a few exceptions, most of my collection consists of "reading copies." I am always touching them to scan and reference them! :) Concerning my name, I often do get emails and the like addressed to Mr. Nodell, I have been called "Jacques" many times, hehe! Jacque is short for Jacqueline :) Thanks so much for watching it and the great questions!

    Hi Anonymous! Thanks for tuning in! Those issues of Real Love were actually given to me by another blogger, KB of Out of This World. I think the covers are quite beautiful!

  5. Very cool, Jacque! BTW, I did a little Googling on Hollingsworth, and guess what?

    It actually appears to a blog by an art gallery owner; obviously Hollingsworth died before blogging became bigtime.

    Incidentally, years ago a friend of mine asked for help tracking down a "mystery comic" he had found back in the 1950s. It was coverless, but the opening story was signed by Jay Disbrow. So I did some Googling and was flabbergasted to learn that the artist was not only still around, but had started a beautiful webcomic.

    We never did identify his mystery comic, but I was thrilled nonetheless.

  6. You've been hyping it up so much lately, and I really want to watch the episode, but I keep getting an "internal server error" when I click the link. Maybe because I'm not in the US? Hope not.
    Anyway, here's a belated congratulations on your participation in the show (which I hope to see soon, somehow...)

  7. Interesting background info on the show, Jacqueline (I think its the first time I adressed you by your full name) :)

    It was a great segment which would have been better if you were on a little longer, but these shows have to be edited, although they should have put the full version online.

    Nick Caputo

  8. Was able to access the site later in the day and watched the show. Wonderful - always nice to see comics getting some serious historical treatment. And you were great in it.
    Also, how cool that Alvin Hollingsworth did the art on that story...

  9. Jacque, you keep right on handling those comics! Comics shouldn't be bagged and boarded and squirreled away. They should be read and enjoyed. I don't bag my new comics at all and haven't done for many years.

  10. Jacque that was incredible!!!! :)

  11. Nice work, Jacque! Really liked the segment,and would love to see the unedited footage....
    @ Pat: Jay Disbrow is an unsung legend, originally from the Eisner-Iger studio. In the documentary Confessions of Robert Crumb, Crumb talks about being influenced by Disbrow's inking style in his comic bio of Philip K. Dick.
    And yes, we should all handle comics, buy comics, trade comics, and READ comics! A comic book should not be sealed away, whether in a mylar sleeve or a CGC slab!
    Comics on!

  12. Pat: Thanks so much for watching! I am pretty blown away by the fact that Jay Disbrow had a web comic! Cool!

    Edo: Glad you were able to watch it! I know their site was having some issues earlier! A few people are doubting if it is Hollingsworth... see these links: I am not an expert at identifying Hollingsworth, so I can't be sure.

    Nick: Yup! Jacqueline is my name! But, I feel more like a "Jacque." In fact, many of my friends call me Jac! I think it would be cool to see the rest of the footage from all of the guests. I am sure they all had some really interesting points they touched on that weren't included. I wonder if they save that sort of stuff? Thanks again for your support!

    Allan: I bag and board my comics because it helps me flip through them quickly. But the bags over time get worn. I always just buy "reading" copies anyhow, since I am sort of "rough" with them when I read them and scan them.

    KB: Thanks!!! :) Great to touch base today!

    Diana: So glad you liked it! I prefer loose comics, but Justin and I do have a few slabbed romance comics. We have in the past (I am sure we will in our new home) put them on a little stand and like to have them as decoration. I also had a couple really old Green Lantern comics graded because they were falling apart and it was the only way to stabilize them. There are of course more archivally sound ways of doing that, but again, they look nice and are easy to transport.

    Thanks again everyone!!! You all are the best! :)

  13. I'd be interested in knowing how the show contacted you too?

    shaun clancy