Friday, July 8, 2011

Charlton's "Find-a-Word" Puzzle Page!

Here's something a little different for you! Word puzzles from Charlton! These ingenious little one-pagers acted not only as filler content, but as advertising for the separate Charlton publications, Find-A-Word and Seek-a-Word. These puzzles appeared in numerous Charlton titles in the '70s, which accounts for the motley subject matter. Not that naval ships aren't romantic, but...

Click to enlarge!
Teen Confessions #84
(January 1974)

I Love You #108
(September 1974)

Time for Love #36
(October 1973)

Teen-Age Love #94 (August 1973)
Secret Romance #29 (October 1974)

Love and Romance #20
(January 1975)

Time for Love #40
(February 1975)

Find all the words? Good!
Now go have yourself a lovely weekend!


  1. Charlton probably published puzzle magazines, right? I bet these puzzles either came from them or were re-purposed with comic-book=style lettering for the comic books.

  2. oh, i like this puzzle game
    interesting to find words from it
    non voice projects

  3. Hi Tony! Yup, it appears that Charlton published quite a few puzzle books and the two that these comic book filler pages were advertising were called "Find-A-Word" and "Seek-a-Word." I have never seen any copies though and I don't see any on Ebay currently. I am sure people had an easier time throwing out used puzzle books than comics!