Monday, September 12, 2011

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - I'm Back!

"Mad Mad Modes for Moderns"
Girls Love Stories #141
(February 1969)

Hello! I'm back! Still recovering from the move and adjusting to my new home, but I have missed you all and discussing romance comics a ton -- so I am happy to get things back off the ground! Today I have for you a Jay Scott Pike illustrated "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" featuring the timeless midi-skirt! Though I am not the biggest fan of Pike's romance work, I do think he managed to lend an air of grace to the pages of the comics. What do you think about Pike's romance comic art? I am curious to know!


  1. Jacque,

    Welcome back! I look forward to your wonderful insights into romance comics. BTW, my current blog has a romance cover that I believe is pencilled and inked by Jack Kirby.

  2. Jacque: So glad your back. It's like you never were away. I think Pike was a competent artist (he did a lot of war comics work as well). It's a question of personal taste, but I just never found anything in Pike to latch onto.

    I hope you are loving your new digs. It's hard for me to imagine not living in America, but then I always have been a homebody!

  3. So great to have you back! These pages bring to mind the mid-late 60s flirtation with Granny Dresses! Although I rather like that tan A-line with the red vest in the back...hmmm.....

  4. Nick: One step ahead of ya! I'm doing a link roundup tomorrow and I already have your post on there! :)

    Mykal: I think I like Pike's close-ups (faces for example) over whole scenes. On the moving note -- it is hard for me to imagine not living in the States as well, haha! I am enjoying it all, but I certainly have some challenges ahead of me concerning learning the language and finding a new job. Nothing I can't handle I suppose, but glad to have people like you all rooting me on!

    Diana: Yay! Thanks!!! I think there is a MMMFM out there that focuses on Granny dresses. If I find it, I will be sure to post!

  5. Hey, long time lurker here! *crawls out from hole*
    Good luck with the new habitation, girl! I'm always curious what it's like over there, but I still hope it's accommodating and fun. The pics are great and totally helpful now that we've been getting 70s style fall fashion currently. Lots of yellows and blacks and ethnic crochetted vests 'round here. Personally, this is the first time I heard about this artist guy, but it's a good style and your examples show a pretty good job he did on their different postures and angles. The textures on the dresses though, especially on the girl on the left of the first page? I dunno, it's not *my* fave personally, but the textile illustrated can probably have more detail. :/

  6. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for taking some time to comment! I agree about the lack of detail on that one skirt -- the deadline must have been looming! But, I guess he was going more for shape than texture. 1970s fashion is totally in this fall (although I think it is always "in!). Lots of great inspiration in the romance comics!