Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays - Filler Pages from Romantic Marriage #6 (October 1951)

The stories of 1950s romance comics are great, but so are the filler pages! The four pages below hail from Romantic Marriage #6 (October 1951) published by Ziff-Davis. Collectively, the messages of the filler material do not really bode well for marriage -- especially these first two cartoon pages called "Wedding Belles." Click to read and see what I mean!

"Wedding Belles"
Full page

"Wedding Belles"
Half page

"Marriage Can Be Fun!" is definitely on the sunnier side and depicts marriage as an exciting and rewarding partnership. Very different from the previous two pages which just make the institution of marriage sound like a drag!

"Marriage Can Be Fun!"

"Strange Marriage Customs" is well... a bit strange, but I wouldn't say a rarity. Quite a few romance comics into the early '60s featured pages uncovering courtship rituals of "primitive" people.

"Strange Marriage Customs"

Thanks for joining me for another fun Time Travel Tuesday! I always look forward to it!


  1. Fun trip!!

    And I love how 'children are a source of fun' in any household. I'm sure I was lol!

  2. That page is definitely my fave! May seem a little corny, but I think most of the advice holds true.