Friday, December 30, 2011

Sequential Crush - Best of 2011!

It's almost 2012! Hard to believe the year has flown by so quickly! I am hoping that 2012 will be the best year yet for Sequential Crush! I have lots of great post ideas floating around in my head and I hope to get an "about me" page up soon! But, before we move on to another year of romance comic book goodness, let's take a look back at 2011 here at Sequential Crush!

The following are some of my favorite posts!
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Do you have any favorite posts
from this past year? Please share!

I am going to take the first week of the year off from posting in order to prepare posts for the next couple of months. I am starting a new 9 to 5, so I just want to get a little ahead of things around here! See you the week of the 9th!

Happy New Year!!!

1.) Mustache Mania! 2.) Are You Ready for Marriage? 3.) My Chat with Jim Steranko 4.) Cigarettes and Smoking 5.) The Mammy Archetype 6.) Squirrels! 7.) That Strange Girl 8.) The Bechdel Test 9.) Ugly Duckling Week 10.) Miss America Featurette 11.) A Hunk, an Orange, and a Runaway Bride 12.) Gallery of Regrettable Fashion


  1. It has been a great year here, thank you! All the best for 2012, enjoy the new job.

  2. Thank you Martin! Happy New Year to you as well!