Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3rd Annual Squirrels in Romance Comics Bonanza!

Hello, friends and romance comic book lovers! I was negligent in remembering that yesterday was the first day of spring, and if you are a long-time reader of Sequential Crush then you know what that means -- Squirrels!!! Yes! Yes! Squirrels appeared quite frequently in the pages (and even ads) of romance comics. Here is your annual dose of the cute, cuddly creatures!

"He's My Guy"
True Tales of Love #24
(June 1956)*

"Mother's Decision"
Brides in Love #12
(April 1959)

Browning Bicycles Ad
From back of Young Love #116
(June/July 1975)

"Love on the Rebound!"
Our Love Story #30
(October 1974)

Young Romance #161
(August/September 1969)

Happy Spring!!!

*Scan from True Tales of Love #24 courtesy of Tom Lammers


  1. This blog article is nutty. hehehe.

  2. If I ever write a romance comic, I will try to remember to include a squirrel holding a nut. Wait a minute! Is that Freudian or something?

  3. I love this annual squirrel fest. The artist may have gone a step too far in that that first panel - making the squirrel smile! That last panel from Young Romance No. 161; has a really nice drawing of that girl feeding the squirrel. Tough angle to get right.

  4. Cool. I love squirrels. And they love me too, when they get to know me.

  5. I sure hope I can find some more of these squirrel panels for next spring! :)

  6. Awesome! I've noticed that squirrel pattern too. I have seen that Browning bicycle ad on the back of some of my own comics (probably a gothic/horror comic), and I thought: 1) hey, that's why Topher Grace's character was believable because he looks just like the guy on the bike; 2) while bell bottoms were neat to wear (and still are fun), they seem awfully dangerous for riding a bicycle. Squirrel! My niece would love this posting; hmm, I should show it to her (age 12).

  7. Isn't that a great ad? I just had to include it, even though not technically a romance story! As a side note, my 13 year old niece loves these romance comics, so I am sure yours would too! :)

  8. What a fabulous blog...found you because I am writing and illustrating a graphic novel in this genre, in a classic comic book style ( not manga), wondering who on earth will be interested apart from me. Will be following avidly!

  9. Glad to hear you are drawing some inspiration from the blog, Jessica! Best wishes on your project! :)