Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favorites - Blindfolded by Love!

Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to another installment of Friday Favorites! I picked these five covers from DC and Charlton for their intriguing unifying theme of "guy blindfolded." As you will see, with the help of a little white linen (medical or otherwise) the leading men are rendered blind (and subsequently confused over who they love). A pretty common plot element in the romance comics, but effective nonetheless!

Young Love #42*
(March/April 1964)
Pencils and inks: John Romita

Time for Love #23*
(July 1971)

Girls' Love Stories #180
(November/December 1973)
Pencils and inks: Jay Scott Pike

I Love You #109
(November 1974)

Pencils and inks: Art Cappello

Love and Romance #23
(July 1975)

*Cover image from the Grand Comics Database


  1. Oh, he knows he's kissing Beth, what with his arm resting on one of her impressive girls. As I tell my daughter frequently, all men are pigs. :)

  2. Artist ID time: Love and Romance 23 is a Jack Abel job (pencils and inks).

    Cool topic!

  3. It just goes to show: Men, you can improve your love life at least 50 percent by wearing bandages on your eyes.