Monday, September 10, 2012

Gene Colan Romance Page Identified!

Well howdy there! I have to apologize for things being pretty quiet over here at Sequential Crush lately. Between work and everything, I am a little behind! But! I am gonna do my best to get caught up, and continue on in bringing romance comic book gems to you!

Last week, fellow romance comic book enthusiast -- Darci, brought a piece of original art to my attention -- a Gene Colan page that had been featured on the blog, Jon's Random Acts of Geekery a few years ago. In the post Jon posed the question, "Does anyone know which issue of which Marvel romance comic this Gene Colan page came from?"

Darci provided me with a list of stories that were possible matches, and after flipping through pages of the Marvel romance issues I have in my collection, I was able to figure it out!

The page comes from the story, "A Boy to Marry!" that appeared in Our Love Story #8 (December 1970). The Gene Colan penciled/Dick Ayers inked story was subsequently reprinted in Our Love Story #24 (August 1973). Thanks Darci for the fun little challenge and the great excuse to look at lots of gorgeous Colan romance art -- more of which I will share with you next week!


  1. Nice detective work, Jacque. Also looking forward to seeing some nice - and rare - Colan romance art.

  2. Gene Colan is one my faves, one of the greatest ever in my opinion. Whatever genre he was working in his work was fluid, dynamic, intimate. Thanks for the nice example above!

  3. I know him most from his Tomb of Dracula and Dr. Strange but yes, he was awesome anywhere.-Fraser

  4. Thanks, everyone! Check back later this week for more Colan!!! :)

  5. As I said elsewhere, i always felt when Gene Colan was drawing Iron man (and Daredevil, for that matter) he was making a great romantic soap opera that really drew me in!

    1. You are in good company, Kirk! Lots of Colan fans here at Sequential Crush!