Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Hanukkah from Charlton!

  "David and Eileen, Part II - Too Many In-Laws" 
Pencils: A. Martinez, Inks: J. Zuniga
Just Married #94 (May 1973)

While DC and Marvel made efforts at portraying racial diversity in the '70s, Charlton went a different route -- religious diversity. For nine issues of Just Married, readers were treated to the trials and tribulations of David and Eileen -- interfaith newlyweds. As far as I know, the series contains the only references to Judaism in romance comics, and one of the only two instances of recurring characters in the Charlton romances -- the other, Jonnie Love of course! Happy Hanukkah my friends!  


  1. I suspect these Charlton characters were inspired by CBS television’s “Bridget Loves Bernie” which ran from September 16, 1972 to September 8, 1973.

    Happy Holidays, Jake Oster

    1. It is no surprise, as so many other romance stories (including "Reach for Happiness") drew inspiration from television shows. Thanks, Jake! I think I have a little (vintage) TV watching to do! :)