Monday, February 18, 2013

Romance + Floating Heads = Happy (Very Belated) Valentine's Day!

Hello! I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day last week! I am delinquent on this post, but unfortunately the last leg of my move had to take first priority. It was a little hectic and stressful, but I made it! Anyhow, today I have for you examples of floating heads. Yes, you heard that right -- floating heads. Quite common in the romance comic books actually. You will see as you scroll down that disembodied craniums were used in the romance comics to convey longing, confusion, and obsession! Please enjoy this emotion-filled, cerebral ride!

"Once I Was in Love"
Pencils: Charles Nicholas, Inks: Vincent Alascia
For Lovers Only #62 (December 1971)

 "I Love You, I Hate You!"
Pencils: John Romita
Falling in Love #133 (June 1972)

 "No Love for Lisa!"
Pencils: John Rosenberger
Young Love #90 (December 1971)

"When Strangers Meet!"
Our Love Story #33 Cover (April 1975)
Reprinted from My Love #20 (November 1972)

 "The Mirror"
Young Romance #199 (May/June 1974)

 "Drops of Heartbreak"
Romantic Story #83 (July 1966)

 "As Time Goes By!"
Pencils: Gene Colan, Inks: Dick Giordano
My Love #30 (September 1974)

 "No Wedding Ring for Me!"
Young Romance #169 (December 1970/January 1971)

Pencils: Win Mortimer, Inks: Vince Colletta
Young Romance #166 (June/July 1970)

 "We'll Never Meet Again!"
Pencils: John Buscema, Inks: John Romita
Our Love Story #2 (December 1969)

 "The Drop-Out and the Debutante!"
Pencils: John Buscema, Inks: John Verpoorten
Our Love Story #19 (October 1972)

And to thank you all for being so patient with my neglect of Sequential Crush due to moving/life stuff, here is a full story for you that is chock-full of floating heads! It is called "How Can I Forget His Face?" from Heart Throbs #110 (October/November 1967), illustrated by none other than my absolute favorite --Win Mortimer!


  1. Hi Jacque,

    Welcome back! I hope all is going well with your move. You've posted a wonderful array of images. "The Mirror" looks a bit like Lee Elias; "Drops of Heartbreak" may be Nicholas/Vince Colletta and "No Wedding Ring for Me" doesn't look like either Roth or Giordano. I suspect it's Tony DeZuniga at least in the inks.

    1. Thank you, Nick! Getting settled... slowly, but surely! I can see Elias in "The Mirror," although I didn't see his usual signature. Maybe this one went unsigned. I got the credits for "No Wedding Ring for Me" from the GCD, but again, it is taken from info from the splash page of the story, so not necessarily completely reliable. Thanks for weighing in! :)

  2. What a great collection of images. As for Win Mortimer, he was a lovely human being and I wish I had worked with him more often than the one story we did together ("Voodoo Unto Others") in an issue of Marvel's Tales to the Zombie.

    1. Thank you, Tony! This post was lots of fun. I will have to try to track down that story, I would love to see it! Mortimer's work is always excellent, and I am sure that one is no exception!

  3. In "No Wedding Ring For Me", I'm assuming she's in love with Beast Boy.