Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Break - Final Update






I suppose I should explain that last one! I recently found a good source of 1960s and '70s fashion and teen magazines, and I figure I ought to collect a few of them as a sort of compliment to the romance comics. I am interested in how much overlap there is, especially in the advice columns. I'll probably be letting you know at some point! Well, that's it for my little photo posts! I'm nearing the end of the current phase of the other project I've been working on, so you should see me back here around the 15th or so! Until then -- stay groovy!


  1. I have that Issue of DC's Falling In Love! Lovely to see it on here!

    1. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful covers in the entirety of romance comic book history!

  2. Hi Jacque,

    I too have noticed strong similarities between 60s and 70s women's magazines and the romance comics of that era (makes perfect sense, since they're targeting the same audience). I have found some great magazines from that era on eBay. Just curious, what is the "good source" you mention?


    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for your comment. I actually have been finding a ton at my local comic book/media of all sorts store called The Great Escape in Nashville. They seem to have a steady stream of them. Then again,maybe I have just stopped in on the right days!

  3. Ah, thanks for the info, Jacque--and I see they also sell on eBay. But how nice that you can just stop in there and check out these magazines!

    Great images in this post and in your other posts too, btw.