Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charlton Swipes DC's "Practicing Hippie," Zack Barton!

Remember "Practicing Hippie," Zack Barton (above) from DC's Woodstock story, "I Found My Love at the Woodstock Festival!" Falling in Love #118 (October 1970)? As I was flipping through my new finds the other day, I came across "Do Your Thing!" in Charlton's Love and Romance #1. The guy on the splash page looked awful familiar! 

Splash from "Do Your Thing!"
Love and Romance #1 (September 1971)
Pencils: Art Cappello, Inks: Vincent Alascia

Well, Charlton? What say you?!  


  1. Well, that's Art Capello for you. He also loved to swipe Craig Flessel's girls. Incorrigible! The things you learn as Vince Colletta's assistant...

    1. Decades ago I inked a story Art drew for an educational publisher and it was all Apartment 3G swipes.

  2. That's interesting, Richard! Oh, well, if you're going to swipe, you could do worse than swipe from Murphy Anderson, who did the original Zack story!

    As I look at the splash page of "Do Your Thing," I wonder if the "camera" was pulled back on the scene, so to speak, we would find the hippy and his girl sitting on a motorcycle in the midst of the swingin' party!

  3. I've seen a lot of Capello covedr artwork that has been swiped from a variety of sources, including John Buscema, Romita and Tom Sutton, so it doesn't surprise me that he did the same for interior stories. He must have had a large swipe file of fellow artists.

  4. Regardless of what internet databases may claim, "I Found My Love at the Woodstock Festival!" is only *inked* by Anderson. I'm pretty certain that its slender and supple characters and dynamic layouts are the pencil work of DC Romance habitué Ric Estrada. A very pretty combo!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm just so curious to what an artist is thinking when they are swiping material so closely. No doubt Cappello was under a ton of pressure to produce as much art as he was (nearly every romance comic from Charlton during the time I look at has at least one Cappello piece), but wow! His swipes are verbatim. I just wonder -- was he like, wow! I did great! Or was he sort of embarrassed about it?