Friday, July 18, 2014

Groovy to Goofy - The Motley One-Pagers of Charlton Romance Comics

One-page romance stories are one thing I never get sick of seeing in the romance comics. Every time I find one, a little thrill surges through me. So how's about a thrill for you today? Enjoy this diverse bunch of one-pagers from Charlton ranging from the groovy to goofy and everything in between! 

Let's start with my favorite -- a psychedelic "Charlton Comics Mini-Poster." Dig those colors, dig that design! A gorgeous piece by one of Jonnie Love's originators, Tony Tallarico, with an added bonus of classic Elizabethan poetry. 

"A Ditty"
Sweethearts #102
(February 1969)

"Is it Love?" is somber, bittersweet, and ends with a dose of morality reminding readers that true love waits. 

"Is It Love?"
Teen Confessions #58
(November 1969)

Well, this one just sets everyone up for failure, doesn't it? Ain't nobody getting through that squiggly mess. Not even "catch," Handsome Harvey! All I can say here is, oh Charlton... so special. 

"A Good Catch Maze"
Time for Love #26
(February 1972)

"Not That Weird" plays up on the stereotype of hippies and the subsequent clash between generations that was so popular in the media during the late '60s and early '70s. 

"Not That Weird"
Time for Love #22
(May 1971)

And last but not least, "When We Were Kids" is a goofy, slapstick take on the "roving eye" motif. 

"When We Were Kids"
Teen Confessions #97
(November 1976)

Credits: 1.) "A Ditty" (Charlton Comics Mini-Poster #1) Sweethearts #102 (February 1969) Script: Sir Philip Sidney, Designed by: Tony Tallarico 2.) "Is It Love?" Teen Confessions #58 (November 1969) Pencils: Charles Nicholas, Inks: Vincent Alascia 3.) "A Good Catch Maze" Time for Love #26 (February 1972) Pencils and Inks: Tony Tallarico (GCD) 4.) "Not That Weird" Time for Love #22 (May 1971) Pencils: Charles Nicholas, Inks: Vincent Alascia 5.) "When We Were Kids" Teen Confessions #97 (November 1976) Pencils and Inks: Art Cappello  

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

From "Let's Pretend a Kiss!"
Romantic Story #116
(December 1970)

Wishing you and yours a very happy and romantic Independence Day! To my dear friends and readers (both in the States and around the world), I hope all your kisses are worthy of fireworks!

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