Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Romance In Memoriam - Celebrating Stan Goldberg

A few days ago, on August 31st, we lost another comic book great -- Stan Goldberg. He was 82 years old. Stan had an extensive career both penciling and coloring, and is primarily known for his work on teen humor titles such as Millie the Model, Patsy Walker, Swing with Scooter, and Archie. Let's take a minute today to remember Stan and his art!

 Cover art by Sal Buscema

Though Stan's work on the teen titles is plentiful, his work on the romance comics is much rarer. The story I have for you today, "How Do I Love Thee?" originally presented in Our Love Story #12 (August 1972) is actually the only romance story of his that I could think of off the top of my head. Written by Stan Lee and inked by Frank Giacoia, Stan Goldberg's pencils tell a simple story that asks the question, how do you know when you've met the one? Stan Goldberg answered with whimsy and a hefty dose of romantic fun.

Connie is torn up over breaking up with boyfriend, Bennett. Things were great -- until he asked her to marry him, that is. She then promptly freaked and made a break for it. Her pain over the split is relatable. Maybe she was too hasty in canning him? Maybe, it was all a big mistake! Connie's friend from work, Daphne, volunteers to set Connie up with her boyfriend's new singing partner to help forget the whole thing.

So Daphne takes Connie to the recording studio, and Connie is totally smitten with the "outtasite" Jeff. And who can blame her, with that fringed jacket and everything?! Wowzas!

The two lovebirds really hit it off, but when Jeff pops the question, Connie just can't even. After breaking things off with Jeff, Connie feels terrible and like something is truly wrong with her. The next day, Daphne apologizes for her bad matchmaking skills, but Connie replies, "It's my fault, Daphne! Maybe I don't know what I want!"

But Connie doesn't stay down in the dumps for long, for low and behold, who is that man in the office? What sort of office do they work in you ask? No clue. Clearly an office that allows the wearing of hotpants. But I digress... the mystery man is a romance writer!

Connie makes her move (which most certainly was frowned upon in dating advice just a few years prior) and the two find a nice quiet spot to begin their romance.

The two prove to be a match, and the rest, as they say, is a perfect mingling of polyester and dacron. Err.. I mean, heart and soul!

I enjoyed this short and sweet story quite a bit. No doubt imbued with that special Goldberg touch, Connie is depicted as confident, and yet, she is drawn with just enough vulnerability to make her love troubles believable. She sticks up for what she wants, and is bold about doing so.

Thank you, Mr. Goldberg, for all you have given us comic book fans. We won't forget you!

For more in depth information about Stan Goldberg and some great photographs, take a look at Michael Vassallo's Timely-Atlas-Comics memorial post here

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  1. Hi Jacque,

    Stan Goldberg was a class act and a warm human being. I think that comes out in the many stories he drew. When he spoke of Millie or Kathy, it was as though he were talking about real people. He truly loved comics and I'm grateful to have spoken to him at cons over the past decade or so.

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories, Nick!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Jacque. Like many, I'm mostly familiar with Goldberg's Archie work, so it's quite interesting to see something more rare and unusual.
    And I really enjoyed your review - it's a very nice tribute.

    1. Thank for reading, Edo! Glad you enjoyed it. I was very happy to have found this story!

  3. Thank you so much for this informative tribute, Jacque. I had no idea Goldberg ever had done a serious romance story. Like Edo, I know him primarily for his work with the Archie titles.

    It's interesting, though, how even though Goldberg's "serious" style looks quite different than his teen humor work, I still can see typical Goldberg poses and facial expressions in the romance story.

    Thank you for the linked article as well. It is so heart-warming to know that the comic creators who gave such pleasure to all of us fans over the years, are receiving the applause and recognition they so truly deserve.

    1. There is always something exciting about seeing the work of an artist who is known for a specialized thing "out of their element." I only wish Goldberg had done more romance! Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed Doc. V's post -- it certainly was touching.

  4. Interesting. I was betting it would turn out to be Connie had some hidden flaw and would get back together with one of the guys. I was, obviously, wrong.

    1. Romance comics can be surprising like that! And thank goodness too!

  5. Linda Capa, belíssimos desenhos!