Saturday, December 27, 2014

Romance Comic Link Roundup!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! If you are off from work and doing a little relaxing, here are a few romance-related links for you to check out!

Don't get me wrong. I love the bell-bottoms
and polyester stylings of the '60s and '70s romances,
but a prairie bonnet in a romance comic?
Sign me up!

This one, over at Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine features a short story combining two of my favorite things -- presidential history and romance comics! Read the story of Abraham Lincoln and Ann Rutledge as featured in the 1950s romance comic, Thrilling Romances.

Scott Edelman has been delving into romance stories over at Comic Book Plus and has found a couple intriguing ones revolving around that touchy subject of weight. One story, "Too Fat for Love" ends pretty typically, while the second, "Was I Too Fat to Be Loved?" may just surprise you. Check 'em out!

A new romance comic?

Over on Facebook and Twitter I mentioned that I had the honor of writing an afterword for a new romance comic from Jamie S. Rich, Megan Levens, and Oni Press titled, Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars. It will be out in April, so be sure to watch this space for more info as the time gets nearer. In the meantime, get your Jamie S. Rich fix by checking out his other new book (with Joélle Jones), Lady Killer which will hit comic book stores in January. Here's a preview! Though dark, fans of romance comics will definitely appreciate the mid-century style.

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  1. Jacque:

    Thanks for posting those links. Though May Richstone was credited with writing some text
    features (poems) for Darling Love in 1949-1950, I remain unconvinced that she wrote the story,
    “Too Fat for Love,” that Mr. Edelman credited her with. Heck, I wasn’t even convinced she was
    a real person, but I googled her anyway. Imagine my surprise when I found a Paid Death Notice
    from The New York Times, published: November 16, 2008.

    RICHSTONE--May, defying Dylan Thomas, went gentle into that good night, dying peacefully
    on November 7th [2008], just six days shy of her 101st birthday. Educated, intelligent and
    exceptionally witty, she wrote light verse and essays professionally, and was published frequently
    in periodicals such as the Saturday Evening Post and The Wall Street Journal. She never
    complained, was always there for others, and she saw the best in everyone. She had a very loving
    husband David, and an adoring family who took care of her when he no longer could. She leaves
    behind an immediate and extended family grateful for her long, healthy life and painless death. A
    memorial service will be held on Sunday, November 23rd at 3pm at Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant
    at 352 W. 44th Street [NYC].

    Live and Learn!!!

    Jake Oster

    PS: Belated (slightly) wishes for a Happy New Year. Hope the new year is better than the old one, even if your old year was a good one.

  2. Thank you for sharing that find, Jake! I too have learned so much by stifling doubts and just researching, no matter how far fetched things seem at first. Glad you did too!

    Thank you for the well wishes! Happy New Year to you too!!!