Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tales of Gothic Romance - Charlton Comics' "The Night on Fog Island"

Happy Halloween! In between those knocks on the door from trick-or-treaters, pop a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and settle in with "The Night on Fog Island" from Haunted Love #9 (May 1975)! This beautifully illustrated story by Charlton great, Enrique Nieto (with a stunning painted cover by Don Newton) is sure to send a chill up your spine!

As a special treat (because isn't Halloween all about treats, really?) I've included all six pages of the story. Just click on a page to enlarge it! Enjoy and have a spookily romantic evening!

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  1. Nice entry, would like to see the rest of the issue

  2. I always enjoyed Nieto's stuff, what little I've seen of it.

    jake oster

  3. Have you seen this one?

    1. I have! KB's blog is fantastic. He has a ton of really great British romance comics!