Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Romance Covers of Supergirl!

Hey there romance fans! Did you watch the Supergirl pilot on Monday? I caught it last night (thank you internet), and I absolutely loved it! Like so many of the romance comics of the 1960s and '70s, the show did a fantastic job showing Supergirl's vulnerabilities and humanity. I'm super pumped to see where the show goes. I think it's really important for there to be a heroine out there who is real and relatable and more than just a sexy fighting machine. Supergirl is the one for the job, don't ya think?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the character and what you thought of the pilot in the comments! 

Since I'm on a bit of a Supergirl high, I thought I'd share some of my favorite très romantique covers featuring the Maid of Might! Not only were these covers rendered by artists who also worked in the romance genre (including the recently departed Murphy Anderson), these particular issues share a lot of the same DNA with the romance comics in form, language, and overall aesthetic. 

Adventure Comics #386
(November 1969)

Adventure Comics #388
(January 1970)

Adventure Comics #389
(February 1970)

Adventure Comics #390
(March/April 1970)

Adventure Comics #402
(February 1971)

Supergirl #3
(February 1973)

Supergirl #6
(August 1973)

Credits: 1.) Adventure Comics #386 (November 1969) Pencils: Curt Swan , Inks: Murphy Anderson  2.) Adventure Comics #388 (January 1970) Pencils: Curt Swan , Inks: Murphy Anderson 3.) Adventure Comics #389 (February 1970) Pencils: Curt Swan , Inks: Murphy Anderson 4.) Adventure Comics #390 (March/April 1970) Pencils: Curt Swan , Inks: Murphy Anderson 5.) Adventure Comics #402 (February 1971) Pencils: Mike Sekowsky, Inks: Dick Giordano 6.) Supergirl #3 (February 1973) Pencils and Inks: Bob Oksner 7.) Supergirl #6 (August 1973) Pencils and Inks: Bob Oksner


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  1. Hi Jacque,
    OK, late coming to the Supergirl party, but I finally caught up with the pilot. Apparently there's not going to be a Linda Danvers? That seems like a pointless change.
    It had to be hard to save her foster sister, Alex, and then be told she did the wrong thing! In a way I'm glad she later revealed she was a DEO agent, otherwise it seemed to much that she didn't want Kara overshadowing her.
    She let Winn Schott design her costume?
    The reveal at the end that her aunt was the evil "General" really surprised me. What a thrill for Laura Benanti to be able to play both parts!

    1. I'm now behind on episodes, Darci but I hope you are still enjoying it!

  2. Great post, these covers are great. I am really enjoying the new Supergirl show. I haven't read any Supergirl comics, so I can't really say a lot about the authenticity to the comics. However, as a newbie, I am loving each episode. You are so right, there needs to be a heroine out there with smarts, skills, and compassion. Supergirl has them all!

    1. So glad you are enjoying the show, Cathryn! Supergirl is the best! Happy New Year!