Thursday, December 29, 2016

As We Head into 2017 - An End-of-Year Update

2016... oh what a crazy year you've been. While it will no doubt go down as a year full of tragedy and turmoil in the world, on a personal level, 2016 has been really wonderful for me and I’m terribly thankful. I moved to a city I absolutely love and am putting down roots, the love of my life asked me to marry him, and I ran a Kickstarter campaign for my book. Although it ultimately wasn't funded, the experience opened a whole bunch of doors, the biggest of which I can’t reveal yet. It has the potential to be very exciting and I look forward to sharing the news with you when I know more.

Another door the Kickstarter opened was a more internal one. I’ve felt a little directionless with Sequential Crush over the past couple years, which I think is natural with anything that one does continuously for over seven years. The months after the Kickstarter were especially hard when it came to getting motivated, but I'm happy to report I’ve been using the time to really dig deep and figure out what I want for my future as well as the future of the blog. 

I’m excited to let you know that I’m migrating the site off of Blogger and giving the site a major facelift. This change is long overdue and I hope it will reinvigorate me as the author and you as readers. There will continue to be blog posts, as well as quarterly rotating exhibits (debuting in the spring) that will explore various themes of the romance comics in-depth. I hope that it will be a change that you love. So, friends, this is the last post on the “old” Sequential Crush. The new site should be up by the end of next week. No worries -- you’ll still be able to find all the romance comic book goodness that you’ve come to expect right here at

I’ll see you next week at the NEW Sequential Crush!
Here’s to a happy, healthy, and hopeful 2017!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Lady President" - 1964 Charlton Romance Comic Story Ahead of the Curve!

I don't like to get very political here at Sequential Crush and consequentially, I've kept pretty mum during this election cycle. I want to keep the focus on comic books and history. But, when I found out a story from Sweethearts #79 (November 1964) titled "Lady President" existed,* well, I just had to post it to commemorate the unprecedented excitement I've felt during this campaign season. Frankly, we are long overdue for a "Lady President!"

Like many characters in romance comics, Beth's whole world revolves around her beau, Paul. The two plan to get married and raise a family when Paul finishes college. As Beth bids her sweetheart adieu the two reiterate their plan to date others, have fun, but ultimately reunite.

Naturally, Beth misses Paul in his absence, but she takes solace in school, friends, and the company of a few swell dates. One of her regular dates, a guy named Will starts to fall in love with Beth. Not wanting to lead him on, she breaks things off with Will. Feeling ashamed about her brief romance Beth tells Paul when he returns for a visit. Paul is understanding and proud that he is with a girl that doesn't break hearts for sport. Paul knows Beth is a catch!

Beth is also well liked by her classmates and one day she is approached by a fellow senior named Vera. Unbeknownst to Beth, she has been unofficially nominated by Vera and her crew to run for Senior Class President.

Shocked at the proposition, Beth agrees to run with Vera at the helm of the campaign. Ohhh yeah!

Beth's campaign for presidency ensues and after much excitement and even a large rally in her honor, she is elected president! She can hardly wait to tell Paul the good news.

Paul is excited for Beth, and eager to show her off to his college buddies, invites her to a party. The only problem is the other senior girls are throwing Beth a party to celebrate and she very much wants to attend. Paul is cool with her skipping out on his party because he can introduce her to his friends at the upcoming Christmas party. Unfortunately, the holiday party is scheduled for the same evening as Beth's big acceptance speech and official inauguration. Paul flips and tells Beth she must choose -- it's either him or the presidency.

Beth is committed to her new found leadership skills and does the unexpected (at least for a 1960s romance comic) -- she chooses herself and the presidency!

Long sleepless nights ensue but Beth resists the temptation to call Paul. She rises to the occasion and at her inauguration gives a killer speech to her adoring classmates.

The end! Well, not exactly... Paul makes a surprise appearance at the school. He has come to his senses and apologizes to Beth for his stupidity. The two embrace and we are given the hint that all ends well for the First Man and Beth, the forever changed civic-minded Lady President! Huzzah!

In a sea of Charlton romance stories where romance and ambition clash, "Lady President" is refreshingly different. I love Beth. She is strong and won't let a guy stop her yet she knows that romance is what makes life rich and well-rounded. I also love Vera, the undercurrent of the supportive classmates, and the clear message of women helping fellow women. Given the prevalence of romance comics in their heyday, I'd like to think that maybe Hillary read this as a teen and was inspired!

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did and whatever the outcome of today's election -- let's remember that love is where it's at!

Thanks so much for reading!
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*I unfortunately do not have this issue in my collection (yet) but a big thank you to Andres of a blog titled Miracle Machine for posting this story in its entirety back in 2010. We are indebted to you! 

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Howard Chaykin Romance Story!

There are a few names that go with romance comics like peanut butter goes with jelly... John Romita, Sr., Jay Scott Pike, Vince Colletta, and so on. Then there are the names of that when mentioned in the context of romance comics elicit a "No way!" Today, I have for you a cute three-page story illustrated by one such artist -- Howard Chaykin. Probably best known for his work on the 1970s Marvel adaptation of Star Wars and his 1983 series American Flagg!, Howard is also a total hoot. My fiancé and I had the pleasure of having dinner with him (and Danny Fingeroth too) about this time last year and let me tell you. It was probably one of the most entertaining conversations I've ever been privy too.

The occasion of our meeting began when Danny introduced me to Howard at Wizard World Nashville. I had Young Romance #185 (August 1972) in hand, ready to ask questions of Howard's time working on romance comics. Well, I hate to admit it, but I got caught up in the excitement of the convention and I totally forgot to write down what Howard said. All I remember is him saying yes, he did work on "Not Old Enough!" and yes, Dorothy Woolfolk gave him his start at DC Comics via romance comics. Let's take a look at the story, shall we?!

I love this silly little story not only because of the Chaykin connection but because the message of the story embodies the overarching spirit of 1970s romance comics -- be yourself! You ain't fooling nobody!

Now that I have it on my mind, I think I'll go ahead and email Howard to see if he's up for that interview!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sequential Crush Talks Gothic Romance Comics + Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love with Series Writer, Sarah Vaughn!

short-lived in the 1970s but are making
quite the comeback!

It's October and you know what that means?! Gothic romance! As romance comic fans we are in for quite the treat this year. Over the summer, DC Comics announced they would be bringing back the Gothic romance with a three-part miniseries -- Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love.

A young woman with a conflicted heart and the ability to see ghosts,
Berenice lives with her boyfriend, Nathan, in a grand mansion in New England but is growing closer and closer to her best friend, Sam. As she struggles with her heart’s desire, a dark presence settles over the mansion, drawing the attention of the ghostly superhero Deadman. As Berenice and Deadman seek to free the house and its inhabitants from this vengeful rage, more disturbing and sinister secrets emerge, leaving Berenice in grave danger. (DC Comics)

I was provided an advanced reader copy of issue one and I think you are really going to like this homage to the Gothic romances of the '70s and the clever use of Deadman (AKA Boston Brand).* I had the opportunity to speak with the writer of the new series (and fellow romance comic book fan), Sarah Vaughn, about the project:

Preview of Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1
Written by Sarah Vaughn, Illustrated by Lan Medina

Deadman sounds like the perfect character for this project and I love that the Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love title is being used. How excited were you to be asked to be a part of such a unique project?

"Super excited! I’ve been reading vintage American romance comics since I was 17, so to get a call from DC to discuss writing a romance comic was a bit surreal."

Who is the target reader for this book? Will fans of romance comics dig it?

"I’ve been thinking about this, and I don’t really have a specific target audience in mind when I write. I write what I want to read, and hope that other people enjoy it, too, no matter who they are or what demographics they fall into. I know that, historically speaking, romance has skewed female, but I’ve come to believe that many people enjoy love, and it’s about the individual the story connects to, not the group.

I love romance comics, passionately. There are so many different relationship dynamics and stories to tell and read. There are certain things that always float my boat and others I’ll never go for, and I know that’s the same for other readers.

And I certainly hope that romance comics fans will enjoy the book! I wanted it to feel familiar in a way to the gothic romances of the 1960s and '70s, but the flow and length are definitely a bit different."

How much of Deadman's origin story will be depicted in the mini-series for the uninitiated?

"I haven’t forgotten Deadman’s origin, but it doesn’t take precedence. Boston Brand himself, of course, is a central character. For the most part, I wanted to tell a more intimate superhero story, almost as if it was just another story in the saga of Boston Brand, like a side quest in a longer video game."

How were you inspired by the 1970s Gothic romances published by DC Comics? Were there any specific styles, stories, or artists from the original Gothic romances that you drew inspiration from to create this homage?

"More figuratively than anything else. When I read an American romance comic that I absolutely love, I get swept up in the color, the artwork, the long looks, the romantic kisses, the drama, and I definitely wanted to convey that. It’s a little tough with old romance comics, because almost all of them are anthology, which I definitely considered paying homage to during the development stage.

But what excited me was when I first read issue 1 of The Sinister House of Secret Love, a year or two ago. It was basically a novella, and the first I had ever read of that length in American comics. One issue was one story, the end. I wanted to spend even more time with the characters, so to have it be a limited series that was a bit longer really worked for me.

Lan Medina’s art is just gorgeous. José Villarrubia’s colors and Janice Chiang’s letters really bring it all in. When I finally got to read the first issue all together, and I was just thrilled. I personally felt all the things I enjoy about romance comics. Agh, I’m really excited and nervous."

What will Deadman’s role be in the story-arc? Does he ever get the opportunity to play Cupid or find love himself?

"Without giving too much away, there are definitely parts of that for Boston! He meets someone he has a connection with, and has insight on what he sees about others. That’s all I can say for now!"

Tell us about the new character “The Darkness.” Is their vengeful rage because of a lost love?

"The Darkness is an entity of dark energy that wreaks havoc on the living, and figuring out what is actually going on at Glencourt Manor is a huge part of the book. Every character is touched by love and relationship in their own way."

Do you think that this mini-series opens DC up to more romance comics in the future -- Gothic or otherwise?

"I certainly hope so! DC published some of the best romance comics, even during the Comics Code era. I’d love to see them branch out their genres again. I’m not sure it would ever look like it did back in the day, or be in the same format, which I’d say could be a good thing. But it’s exciting to think of the possibilities with how comics have evolved over the decades and how we can go even further."

Can you talk about the reception of the concept so far? I have a feeling people are really excited for this one (myself included)!

"I don’t really know! I’ve been staying off the internet and social media for a while now, and don’t google myself or things I work on. But every now and then friends and colleagues will bring it up, and if I hear something kind down the grapevine, that always makes me really happy. But for my own peace, I just can’t seek it out. I have enough of a hard time hitting send on emails and writing answers to interview questions.

That said, I’ve put a lot of love and deep care in this story, and I really do hope people enjoy it."

Thank you, Sarah! To dive into the whole mystery of Glencourt Manor, be sure to pick up Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1 tomorrow at your local comic book shop! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new series so feel free to leave a comment below or find me on Facebook or Twitter

*Fun Fact: Deadman was created by Arnold Drake (along with Carmine Infantino) in 1967. Drake had previously worked with Leslie Waller and romance comic book legend, Matt Baker, on the 1950 pulpy romance, It Rhymes with Lust (published by St. John).

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites - You Should be Dancing!

Since 2009, I've had the pleasure of sharing my love for romance comics with all you fine folks here on the blog. I am happy to let you know that this spring I will be launching a brand spankin' new Sequential Crush site. Not only will there be blog posts (including full archives), there will be video posts, and special rotating exhibits. Get ready for more romance comic book goodness than you can shake a stick at!

Besides reflecting on the future direction of the blog, I've also been using the time since my Kickstarter campaign ended in July to figure out what is next for my book How to Go Steady: Timeless Dating Advice, Wisdom, and Lessons from Vintage Romance Comics. I tossed around the idea of running a second Kickstarter campaign but ultimately, I've decided to self-fund the completion of the book and publish it digitally and print on demand through Amazon.

I am SO excited where things are headed that it makes me want to do a happy dance. In that spirit, here are some of my favorite covers featuring dancing!

 Girls' Romances #115
(March 1966)

Romantic Story #109
(October 1970)

 Time for Love #20
(January 1971)

The book will be released in early December (just in time for the holidays) and pre-orders will start soon!

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Credits: 1.) Girls' Romances #115 (March 1966) Pencils and Inks: Win Mortimer 2.) Romantic Story #109 (October 1970) Top illustration by Peter Morisi 3.) My Love #2 (November 1969) Pencils and Inks: John Romita 4.) Young Romance #157 (December 1968/January 1969) Pencils and Inks: Nick Cardy 5.) Time for Love #20 (January 1971)