Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fashion Files - Menswear of 1971

Belt? Check! Sweater? Check!

Sure, it may be getting warm out there now – but believe me… you will want one of these come autumn!

I also read design and crafting blogs and came across the above images on a blog called doe-c-doe. I knew I had seen those groovy sweaters somewhere before! Presenting... belted sweaters for men! Oh my!

Heart Throbs #135 (November 1971). Cover by Art Saaf.
Who will she marry? I would pick the guy in the belted sweater if I were her!

Girls’ Love Stories #159 (May 1971).
Notice the guy in the background who appears to be ice skating... on land. None of that matters though, when you are the proud owner of a belted sweater!

1971 must have been a good year for fashionable men who disliked threading a belt through their pants!

Thanks Gina for digging up such a fun image and letting me share it with romance comic book fans!


  1. I absolutely don't remember anybody wearing those. Bell-bottoms I will own up to even wearing myself, but belted sweaters? I do like overlong cardigans.

  2. No?

    I have always wondered if the clothing in romance comics were drawn from real life reference, or if they were done purely from imagination? I have heard that some of the artists also did fashion illustration, which may explain some of the kookier looks.

    Researching where the looks came from and finding out which specific artists worked in the fashion biz are definitely some of my priorities!

    Yes, super long cardigans are always in style in my opinion!

  3. I just noticed that the cover guy with the belted sweater also has a mandala on; sheesh that brings back shudder-worthy moments!

    BTW, you should put a link to Women in Comics in your sidebar. Little blogging tip: Always surf to your favorite comics blogs through your blogroll; most people check to see where people are coming from and will notice that.

  4. Great tip, Pat! I did not know that... so many things to learn about blogging! I will remember to click through my blogroll from now on!

  5. I can't say I would be looking forward to those belted sweaters coming back in style anytime in the near future.

  6. Funny enough, I actually had one a couple years ago. It was gray and zipped up in the front and had a gray belt. I think though that maybe they are more acceptable for women, at least these days!

    Hopefully no one is inspired to find one of these beauties for their dad for Father's Day! I can't be held responsible! :)

  7. Thanks for posting the cover that my dad, Art Saaf, drew.

    Steve S.

  8. You are welcome, Steve! Your dad was fantastic artist, I love his romance work(obviously)! Thanks for checking it out here at Sequential Crush!