Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Spy With My Little Eye...

A Green Lantern ring! How exciting! I am guessing this was no accident – as the penciler on this, Mike Sekowsky, drew not only a ton of romance stories but superhero books too!

"Happy Ending" from DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #5 (1971)
Mike Sekowsky (pencils), Bernard Sachs (inks),
Robert Kanigher (story)

One of the other rings looks a little Wonder Woman-ish, but it isn’t as obvious. I love hidden stuff like this… don’t you?!


  1. Hey Jacque, your blog is the grooviest. It has got me rummaging through my stack of romance comics. Incidentally, I never wear sweaters (it's a long story of childhood trauma) but if I did, you can bet they would be belted.

  2. Hey, that's a very cool find! Sekowsky wasn't GL's artist in the Silver Age, but he drew GL and all the other heroes regularly in the Justice League of America comic series, so he'd probably drawn GL than any other artist except Gil Kane.

    Hidden things like these are usually called "Easter Eggs", for obvious reasons. :)

  3. DOH! "drawn GL" = "drawn GL more"


  4. Sekowsky did some pinch hit penciling for Gil Kane from time to time. Mostly in the early issues of Green Lantern. Check out GL #5.

  5. Thank you Karl! Keep tuned... I have more awesome stuff on the way! I am glad I inspired you to look through your romance books! BTW- I like the tagline on your blog... I prefer old stuff too!!!

    Pat -- I knew there was a name for the hidden stuff, I just couldn't think what it was! Thanks! It was going to drive me nuts! :)

  6. Awesome, great find! I want to scour all DC romance books for other hidden stuff. Maybe someone's carrying in billy club in a Gene Colan drawn story.

  7. Thanks! I was so excited when I found it, I couldn't wait to share! I am sure there are plenty more Easter eggs out there in the romance books, just waiting to be discovered! Maybe we will run across Daredevil's billy club before long!

  8. That dude better watch his step, clearly Claire has been trained by the Weaponers of Qward. Once she stops crying, she may decide to unleash the awesome yellow might of that power ring!