Monday, June 29, 2009

Cindy the Salesgirl - Part Two

The sheer amount of romance comic books that are out there in the world always offer up an opportunity to learn something new. A few posts ago I shared the story of a Cindy (whom I mistakenly called Candy but subsequently changed) the Salesgirl from Secret Hearts #133. When I posted it, I didn't realize that was not the only time Cindy had made an appearance. From what I can tell, she had at least three other little featurettes in the romance books of the late '60s, primarily drawn by Winslow Mortimer.

A few pages from "The Adventures of Cindy the Salesgirl" (A DC Fashion Featurette) out of Falling in Love #98 (April 1968) demonstrate once again that Mortimer was no dummy when it came to drawing beautiful girls.

The writer of the story also seems to have had an uncanny understanding of what the retail world involves. I should know... I did my fair share of working at the mall during high school and college!

How's that for an O. Henry ending? Not too shabby for a romance story!

Well, that's all for this evening! My attention has been a little divided lately. I am working on finishing up my presentation (on romance comics of course!) for the Comic Arts Conference held in conjunction with the San Diego Comic-Con International. I will be posting more details about that soon, but for the next week or so my postings may be sparse. I can't wait to share the presentation with all you readers of Sequential Crush once its all said and done! Be on the lookout!


  1. It's always cool to find some continuing characters in these books because there generally were so few. There were a couple very long-running series in Heart Throbs and Secret Hearts called 3 Girls, Their Lives, Their Loves and Reach for Happiness that I believe were by a wide margin the longest-running stories DC had ever published. Hard as heck to locate all of them, as I'm sure you've experienced.

    Good luck at the Con!

  2. Thanks so much! I am looking forward to it!!! Yes, it is very hard to collect an entire run of the books with the 3 Girls stories. Many times they are either too expensive or too tattered. Most of the Heart Throbs that I have are from after the 3 Girls serial.

  3. I love the artwork, especially how the room changes color with each panel.
    Good stuff (c:

  4. Here's a list of Cindy the Salesgirl appearances courtesy of GCD and MCS info.

    Falling in Love 98, 104, 135
    Girls Love Stories 135, 136, 140, 143
    Girls Romances 133
    Heart Throbs 116
    Secret Hearts 129, 133, 136

  5. I am sure I will post 'em all eventually, anonymous! I think they are great!