Monday, October 5, 2009

Betty's Boutique - Part One

You may remember my "Cindy the Salesgirl" posts from back in June. The story below, "Betty's Boutique" is almost exactly the same as the "Cindy the Salesgirl" stories conceptually. In both, a young, fashionable woman is asked to model the newest in clothing styles for her clients -- only to get a surprise explanation when they don't purchase anything.

From what I can tell, "Betty's Boutique" appeared in three separate issues of Girls' Romances. This particular one, drawn by John Rosenberger, comes from issue #142 (July 1969). The Betty stories were all put out after the Cindy stories, so it is obvious which set the standard. Though they are basically the same stories, Betty seems a bit older, and she is the owner of the shop, whereas Cindy seemed to be an employee of a shop.

Hair extensions at no extra cost when you buy a dirndl!
One week only!

I personally am a huge fan of the O. Henry style ending. Having worked in retail though, the reasons for people in real life trying on a bazillion items and not purchasing anything are far less interesting than in these stories, for sure!


  1. That seems kinda cruel. Like lining up a series of delectable deserts for a person who just started a diet. Interestingly, I wonder if single men would go to the stores back then and try and hit on the women modeling the clothes, thinking the men would buy it?

  2. There had to be someone out there that did! :)