Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Changing Logos of Time for Love

In my opinion, Charlton's Time for Love series has one of the more iconic logo sets. Take a look and see what I mean!

This first logo was used for the October 1966 stand alone issue, #53,
as well as issue #1 (October 1967) through issue #22 (May 1971)

The groovy second logo was used for issue #23 (July 1971)
through issue #44 (October 1975)

The last logo for Time for Love was only used for
issue #45 (December 1975) through issue #47 (May 1976)

I am having a hard time choosing which Time for Love logo I like best. All three really appeal to me, but for different reasons. The first seems so classic, feminine, and well, romantic. The second is totally boss with its literal interpretation of the title, and the third just seems so '70s -- and I love it for that reason alone. I can't choose, so I won't even try! Do you prefer one over the others?


  1. I can't say I'm all that enamored of those logos, but I have taken the dive and ordered my third Charlton romance comic*, not having even received the second yet. TIME FOR LOVE #22 uses the "old" logo; I found a scan at mycomicshop.com (aka Lone Star Comics.) They have copies in the $3-4 range, in case anyone needs one!


    *Actually, I think I might have had an issue of HAUNTED LOVE at one time, but didn't dig it.

  2. Jacque,

    I like the classic look of the first logo; the second one has an attractive design; the final logo is the least effective.

    Nick Caputo

  3. Marshall: Thank you for your help! I changed it to reflect this. :)

    Nick: The design of the second is attractive, but I like the third I have to say!

  4. Ah, I like them all...certainly one of Charlton's strongest Romance logos.

    The first, to echo Jacque's view, is nicely feminine and graceful, and I like its unusual shape, which definitely wins it design points. The little hearts make it.

    The second is pretty cool, though it doesn't work with just any colours. With the right ones, though, yum!

    The third is an effective and clever type arrangement, which is something far more difficult to achieve than one would think! This logo is used to especially fine effect on Tom Sutton's cover for issue 46.


  5. It is really a shame the third logo was used for such a short time.

  6. Jacque: I like the fist one the best. It has a classic, timeless feel to it that will never go out of fashion. You have a wonderful blog and I'm signing up for the ride! -- Mykal

  7. Welcome, Mykal!!! I hope you continue to enjoy!